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Best Buy. Chris is still waiting. There's an awesome sequence in which Chris waits, and he waits, and he waits, and he waits. And then a lady's head pops out of what is either an office or the safe they were before. And then she disappears again, just as Chris looks over at the door. Chris has officially become a Public Relations Nightmare, and I can imagine four Best Buy managers cooped up in the safe, shooting evens and odds over and over again about who has to go talk to him. "I talked to him last time!" "I'm scared of him! I have a family to support!"

Craig and Bren are in the back of a cab when Craig gets a call on the Space Communicator. He answers it, and it's Tana. She asks him what they're up to, and he tells her they're on their way to Brooklyn, "to pick up the stuff." Not that kind of stuff! Although actually, from Craig's demeanor, I kind of wouldn't doubt it. As Bren explains, Tana really wanted the logos to get on the clothes, so he and Craig went down to this Brooklyn silkscreen place. Bren interviews that when they entered this rather run-down place, his "Spidey senses" should have given him some clue that all might not be well. Craig adds the details that the place is a little heavy on the Bob Marley references, and he sort of slurs that it's "a laid-back and very creative environment." What Craig and Bren are trying to tell you is that the place reeked of pot, but they can't quite tell you that, because it might have just been a very unusual air freshener, and Legal wouldn't clear "reeked of pot" in time for taping. When they get their pretty white jacket back, unfortunately, they find that the Wearable Tech logo is...backwards. Now, wouldn't you think a silkscreener would know not to do that? I mean, wouldn't you know not to do that? Unless he were...uh, spraying air freshener at the time? There's also some errant green paint on their blue hooded sweatshirt. I think this particular silkscreen shop saves money by having itself officially classified as a K-8 arts and crafts project. Craig tells us that there was no "backup clothing," and they didn't have any time to make any, so they were pretty much stuck with what they had. "It's all good," Bren lies to the silkscreener as they leave. No point in getting in a fight, I guess.

Best Buy. Chris is still haunting the various counters, telling them that he has been told by his supervisor (presumably Alex) not to leave until he finds the credit card. He continues to...hang out. Ultimately, the manager returns with the credit card, and Chris can leave at last. I wouldn't be surprised if that supervisor called upon his identity-theft friends and had them make up a new card, because that's how much fun I predict it was not, having Chris skulking around your place of business.

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