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Magna. Tana and Kendra are planning out the presentation when Craig and Bren return with the clothes. Tana looks at the clothes and is mightily chagrined. "What the fuck is up with this?" she asks with a placid but simmering smile. They tell her they don't know how it happened, and Bren tells her he knows it's no good. "What was he smoking?" she asks. (Moms always know!) Tana interviews that when the boys were gone for five and a half hours, she figured they were going to bring back something rather spectacular. "But no," she says. "They brought back a piece of shit on a platter." Yeah, she's not entirely happy. She tells the team to move along, and then interviews that her only choice were to "cry," or "move on." I like to do both, which is why I spend a lot of time weeping in my car. She interviews that she just tried to keep the team doing what they were supposed to be doing, in spite of the backwards logo and so forth.

Tana chats with the models about how she wants them to present themselves. Craig, meanwhile, is using white-out (!) to cover the backwards green logo on the white jacket. Everybody makes mistakes, I suppose.

Meanwhile, at Net Worth, Angie is working on the presentation, while Alex talks to Carolyn and NotGeorge about the denim jacket they've designed. He slips the jacket onto NotGeorge, and Angie notices that it's 2:30, and their presentation is at 3:00. Alex is still sort of glad-handing about his brilliant "Beach Tech" (!) logo, and Angie explains that she just wanted to get the models and go. When Carolyn and NotGeorge are gone, Alex finally starts getting stressed about the need to get going, especially after they realize that the models were supposed to be there at 2:00 and haven't been seen yet. Finally, Alex locates the models, and now the models have to get into their clothes with no time to spare. Chris explains that he got in at 2:30, when everybody was leaving. He does say that everyone was "frantic" trying to leave. And as Alex directs one of the models about what clothes he's supposed to get and not get, we see that the team is getting ready to leave, and the denim jacket they designed is hanging on the rack. In other words, they're leaving without one of the pieces of clothing they're supposed to be presenting. Smooth! They finally get into their cabs and go. In the cab, Angie notes that it's now 3:00, and they're not at their presentation yet. And they just may manage to miss it. Extra-smooth! Oh, and you can see that she's holding her little notebook pages in her hands. You know, the ones she's using for the presentation notes. That's classy-looking. I wonder if they're in smelly marker. "Wow," Angie says. "I'm going to throw up." Me too, sister.

When we come back from commercials, it is 3:00. Fortunately for Angie, I suppose, Magna goes in first. Tana leads her team inside, and they get ready to start their presentation. Tana the Mary Kay Lady, unsurprisingly, can do marketing patter in her sleep and could sell you your own sock while you're wearing it, so she just tells all about the "line extension" for American Eagle, and she's completely polished. She talks about the research that they did, and then they bring out the models, and they also bring out -- as Tana puts it in an interview -- "Brenny-Boy." Bren begins to go through the different items that the models are wearing. He explains the sweatshirt with the pocket in the front to conceal a Game Boy, just so that if you get caught using it, you can put it away quickly and then take it out again just as quickly. Heh. Cute. My mom the teacher kind of wouldn't appreciate that professionally, but there you go. Bren's approach makes the American Eagle lady laugh, so that's probably a good sign. The Magna track jacket has mesh pockets on the inside where this particular kid is keeping a PDA of some sort, not that anyone is really using those anymore. I think the jeans with the teeny little cell-phone clip are a bit of a stretch, and don't seem to incorporate too much design inventiveness, but...whatever. The American Eagle guy asks Bren what he thinks is the most important gadget right now among the AE customer base, and Bren names the cell phone. (Ding!) With this, Magna is directed to hang out in the back of the store until it's time to be judged.

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