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Outside, a black limo approaches.

Inside, Alex gives a closing that's about as empty as Angie's opening, in which he blankly says, "I think it's really exciting." Wow, that was hot. NOT. But I think the question is -- did the belt buckle ever get attached? (Eye-roll.) The American Eagle execs send them to the back of the store, as we watch Trump come in the front doors. American Eagle lady asks American Eagle guy what he thought of their work, and he says that they both put a lot of work into what they did, but he thinks that Magna's presentation skills were far superior. Trump continues into the store. AE Lady says that Net Worth meant well, but hadn't done all the homework. Trump reaches the executives, and asks them how things went. They praise both teams, and then both teams are summoned. Net Worth is discussed first. They're told that while they had fun with it, and they embodied the brand well, they weren't very "convincing" or "prepared." That hurts, because there's really no excuse not to be prepared, and all that business with Angie and her notes...that was just painful. AE Lady says they didn't get as many good ideas from Net Worth as they did from Magna. I guess this means they didn't think Velcro-ing your laptop to the inside of your windbreaker was as great an idea as it originally seemed like it was. Go figure. AE Guy says they were impressed with the Magna research, and they were happy that Bren knew about the cell phones. So "the clear winner" is Magna, which makes them very happy. Trump tells Magna that their reward will be a shopping day at Bergdorf Goodman, where they'll get to buy themselves some clothes. "You're going to have a fantastic time," he says. Net Worth, on the other hand, will not have a great time, but will be coming to the Boardroom, where someone will get the boot. Tragic, that.

Back from commercials, we see Bergdorf Goodman as a sort of shopping paradise into which the members of Magna are welcomed. They have special things for them to look at, as they opened specially for this. Craig refers to it as a "museum of fashion," and talks about how "exotic" the clothes all were. Tana admires a little dress, and Kendra carries an armload of clothes while explaining that it was a bit fairy-tale-esque, looking at a tank top and seeing that it wasn't actually $129, but $1,129. For a tank top. Better be pretty good, I'd say. In fact, I'd say it should come with about $1000 cash sewn into the lining. Elsewhere, the boys try on suits. As it turns out, Craig and Bren purchase precisely the same suit. It's a nice one, I agree. This is our opportunity to hear, for whatever reason, Craig's little talk about how much he digs Tana, and how good he thinks she is at steering the boat when she's in a position of leadership. "She basically knows how to handle the wheel," he says appreciatively. We see the teams share an in-store champagne toast in appreciation for "another victory." In an interview, Tana happily says that as the 2-0 PM, she feels "untouchable," like the "queen bee." Yeah, you don't want to get too excited about that, dear. She giggles like she can't believe it herself, which makes it a little less off-putting, but...not much less. Bags full of clothes are packed into the trunk of a taxi, along with about ten years of accumulated detritus. Yum!

Back at the L-Pal, Net Worth is feeling glum. Angie, Alex, and Chris talk about how rotten they feel about the fact that one of the three of them is going home. Alex insists that they did "a better job," they just got dinged on the presentation. Which...I don't think so. I think they actually had worse clothing and screwed up the presentation and didn't do their research. All bad. Alex's argument that they "built a better rocket" and then failed "on the launch pad"...I am not buying. Alex interviews that it's not his fault that Angie had a bad presentation because of her "inability to handle pressure." She tells the guys about the insanity of the guy forgetting his jacket, and then says with horror that she thinks she said "uh" once! I counted at least five or six, so I think Angie is high, but whatever. You never hear the tics in your own speaking. Believe me, I've done it. Angie tells us in an interview that she's not getting fired over it, because the PM didn't get the team there on time, and that's not her fault. Nor is it her fault that Chris needed to be "babysitted" because he can't buy things at Best Buy without losing the credit card. "That's just pathetic," she complains anxiously.

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