Season 5 Finale

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Lesson Fifteen: Shed Your Personality Like So Many Unwanted Pounds

"This episode had plusses (Jamie Pressley, the firees, Tarek and Andrea, Ivanka and DJ) and minuses (that Death Is Not An Option Final Two, for starters). It thought outside the box, if the 'box' in question is well-produced and interesting television. It stepped up to the most telegraphed final decision in recent reality TV memory. It managed to have only like an aquamarine rating on the Death Of Feminism scale, that's a plus I wasn't really expecting. That was 90 minutes you could have been saving a life or doing the laundry or reading a nice book or writing a nice book or earning some money or spending time with your loved ones or learning to cook a new dish or building a hummingbird feeder, but at least you get the sense of having defeated the season by watching the whole thing no matter how lame it got." And congratulations to us all for that. Nobody who wasn't there with us will ever understand, so that's something we share. We were in the Shit for real, and like the man said: you gotta take credit when you're due. Let's just hope and pray that the people are really nuts in Hollywood, come January, because I'd rather watch a roomful of Omarosas stabbing each other with sewing scissors for 15 weeks than let another couple of chuckers like these under the rope. There's no value or learning curve to this show anymore, they've seen to that, so we can come back to it with a fresh appreciation for the trainwreck. And you know, I have this overwhelming intuition that Trump will provide.

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