Season 6 Decision Time

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Nicole: "Um, we wanted to show that you could use it all those ways, on the floor and fabric and as an air freshener, and we did a good job getting that across. Now, watching it after having slept, there are some choppy areas. A 90-second commercial would have been great, but 60 seconds was really hard. It was a great idea, and if we'd been able to follow through with it, you'd be more impressed. For example, there's a third act in which the person from the first unrelated part turns out to be the person that ran over the kid in the second act, so in the third act she kills the guy and covers up his stink with the air freshener, and get this: it's the homeless guy. She's like a hero."
Don: "Yeah, the homeless guy? That was fucking offensive. In other news, picking Tim to be on your team made you look like an idiot, Nicole, and picking Surya after you abused him made you look stupid too, Frank. You're both weak and deserve to be sabotaged."
Frank: "A leader leads. Surya was in marketing at Proctor & Gamble, along with having had every other job in the universe, in his imagination. I chose him to do that, not to sabotage us. We did not have a spot for a saboteur in our delegation procedure. Then also Jim... "
Nicole: "-- Tim. His name is Tim. Why do you always do that?"
Frank: "Sorry, Tim, we can trust. He's a guy? He's got needs? ... Not to mention the fact that, I don't know if you noticed this, but Surya won't fucking shut up about his integrity and how he's got integrity pouring out his ass, so like, since he's decided that's his whole personality, wouldn't he kind of be a dick to screw with us?"
Nicole: "That's... "
Donald: "-- Okay bored now. Tell me who to fire."

Trump: "Heh. Why?"
Stefani: "James is better than them, and I'm better than James. It's called math?"
Trump: "Once again you're saying I should hire James?"
Stefani: "Um, no. How about you hire me and then I'll hire James to work under me."
Nicole and Frank: [visibly uncomfortable not only with the idea of a woman being in charge, but freaked by the ease with which Stefani said this and, by extension, the way she's ripping this boardroom apart while they can only stare]
Trump: "A lady as a boss! That's hilarious."
James: "No, you know what, you should hire me, and then I can hire Stefani to work under me."

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