Season 6 Decision Time

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Stefani: "I totally just said that."
James: "See how creative I am?"

Trump: "Seriously, why should I fire Frank and Nicole."
James: "The plan was always to fight out the Final Two like gentlemen, with me and Stefani. We'd be loyal to each other, and then turn on each other at the end, for cash. Remember? Our alliance was totally obvious? And it worked?"
Frank and Nicole: [Shudder with realization and terror, because the dead guy in the middle of the room while they were sawing their legs off and all that was actually the Jigsaw Killer all along]
Nicole: "Okay, but if that's true, then we have no idea whether they're independently worth anything at all. Stefani's got the power to turn invisible, and James has the power to suck the life force out of her like a remora, and together they do great work, but if you split them up? Useless invisible lady, starving remora."

Trump: "Not bad, again. Nicole, why weren't you this awesome on the show?"
Nicole: "Because your show is edited by jerks bigger than both of us combined and decided to make me the girlfriend edit, duh."
Trump: "Do you think Frank has the sophistication to work with me?"
Nicole: "Like, could he pull off classy stunts like cheating on his wife in public and getting into fistfights with beloved TV lesbians for no reason whatsoever? I have my doubts that he could do that in a classy way. I think he'd be good on a construction site, like Don said that time after we left the room. He's got the heart to be a great... Dane, a Great Dane, one of these days. Good with kids. Fetching. Like that."

Frank: "In addition to my ability to fetch, and hardly ever crapping on the carpet, I repeat nearly verbatim what Nicole said a moment ago about Stefani and James being codependent Apprenti."
Trump: "Are you better than Nicole?"
Frank: "If... yes."
Nicole: [laughs]
Trump: "Weak answer. I hate that word 'yes.' You didn't talk about how she's just a girl, or had a boyfriend, or anything. You're a weak sister, that's what I think. You got a boyfriend, Frank?"

Frank: "Um, remember how I was the first PM? Remember just that part, not where I lost that round."
Trump: "By screaming, you got that job by screaming."
Frank: [babbles at length]
Trump: "Frank Frank Frank Frank Frank we're taking a break, Frank."

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