Season 6 Decision Time

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James: "I'm a visionary, I'm a strategist, I align people to do the details -- like Andrea, I don't burn trash, I hire it, is what I like to say -- and in this way I do both the details and the bigger picture."
Don: "Holy fucking A. In what 'way'? These are not difficult questions, Gonzales."
James: "In the way that I delegate all responsibilities to anyone within reach, talk down to them and refer to them in the negative whenever I can, then reap the benefits of their effort before sacrificing them for no reason. I can do that for your company too!"
Don: "That's not management, that's... I don't even know what that is."
James: "It's creativigrity!"

Trump: "Bored now. Stefani! Are you flying under the radar? Or totally scary? I've never seen anybody play this game so cold-bloodedly as you. Unless you were in a coma, in which case that's probably not a strategy per se. Although it's how I like my women."
Stefani: "Here's the thing. Watch, when I move my arm like this, see how all 16 fired candidates stand up without even noticing they're doing it? It's like voodoo I got. So when I say that everyone involved here respects and loves -- not to say worships -- me, I'm not talking crazy. I mean they actually do, and always will. They have no choice. In addition, I baked them some cookies, which should be arriving in the beaks of doves sometime in the next commercial break. I covered their asses, even when the mistakes were being made on the other team, using my minions. I can do anything. I'm the lizard king, Mr. Trump. I made them look good, like a fashionable army of fascists, under my complete control: that's what leaders do, Mr. Trump. I'm not a visionary, and I'm not a creativigrant, but I am willing to commit murder to protect your brand. The invisible hand of the market? It's right here. How many fingers is it holding up, Mr. Trump? Just one, and it's pointing at me. Follow my finger. Look into my eyes. Not around my eyes, directly into my eyes. Now, sleep. And ask yourself: is it worth it to choose James? Could you sleep at night, knowing I was still out there?"

Trump: "... Whoa. Where was I? Where's my superstar? We'll bless and forgive each other, and laugh. Heidi? Heidi, whom would you choose, if your opinion mattered at all? Strive to be interested: what can you say to draw a third more opulent than your sisters? Speak."
Heidi: "Nothing, my lord."

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