Season 6 Decision Time

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And if you were there, on the show, you know you'd do better. They're not the first who, with best meaning, have incurred the worst; I'm of the opinion and always have been that Trump's more sinned against than sinner -- it's not his fault either. The curious destructive, terrified fault in the American male wouldn't touch you, if you're a white male, because you'd do it better. The curious hatred of the other couldn't hurt you, if you're not a white male -- you'd turn it into something else, like Stefani, or like Nicole, or Derek, or anybody that didn't immediately get dismissed out of hand. You'd walk that tightrope like a champion. You'd learn from them, all of them, six seasons of the hungry, and do them one better, and you'd succeed. And maybe you wouldn't have to give anything up, like they did, like they always end up doing: maybe you'd find the perfect combination of confidence and beauty and image and skill and education and common sense and charisma, and beat the system. You wouldn't have to sell yourself out, to get ahead. You wouldn't have to watch yourself up on that screen, and blush, because you wouldn't do anything stupid or silly or mean-spirited or cheap: just work the system, play the game, knuckle under and keep quiet when called for, step up and lead when it was time. You wouldn't be "smug" and you wouldn't FUTR and you wouldn't be a disloyal, bad team member, but you wouldn't be such a good team member that you could be accused of codependence either. Just the right alchemy, you think, and you could take this thing. You'd do it better. Everybody thinks they could do better.

A: You can.

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