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Lesson Thirteen: People Aren't Metaphors

So really, why shouldn't he hire Rebecca, Trump asks Randal. (THE END!) Randal mentions that -- as he's worked closely with her, Mr. Trump -- he has located areas that still need development. She's relatively young, and she has a 1-2 losing record as PM, and was given up to Excel when her PM was asked the names of the weakest team members. (Which, to be honest, was just Alla Blovening off the last of the Toral residue, but the contrast with his constant demand still stands.) All of these things are true, and frankly, I've not seen her lead very much. The first time, she was kind of a bloody mess, the XM task she had Clay actively fucking with her and didn't effectively combat this -- she wasn't a target because Clay was so unappealing as a person -- and the last task, she was only nominally PM anyway. But she's done a hell of a lot (and was praised for it on both Dick's and the Star Wars task), and she gives better Boardroom than anyone in the history of the game, which is pretty important, and is the reason both Trump and I like her so much. (And if Alla hadn't played so rough and gotten fired, we would have gotten interviews, and she would have kicked ass on those too, being a better speaker than Randal and a better person than Alla.)

Trump asks Rebecca the complementary question, prefaced by the following statements: Randal is "a star," has that MIT degree, is a Rhodes Scholar, and is a "star" again, and a "wonderful leader." The subtext: tread lightly. While Rebecca has tons of respect for Randal, Rebecca feels that his "Achilles heel" is "overthinking, at times." He doesn't focus on "the bigger picture," the "most important elements," and by focusing on detail, "misses the point on the larger picture." Which kind of fits with my main problem with Randal, which is that I've never seen him do anything, and just like I think with Markus, this is usually in real life due to a hyper-focus on details to the exclusion of point-by-point task annihilation. She calls attention to what she calls his weakness with "determining what is central" to accomplishing his objective -- and Randal more and more loudly protests through this -- as opposed to "what is additional" that may or may not add value. "How can you win three tasks and be undefeated as PM if you don't know the objective? The fact is, Rebecca, that you were one and two." Rebecca reiterates that she respects Randal, a great deal.

George, per Trump's request, sums up what the two did right: They both had a very difficult task and rose to the occasion, with only minor drawbacks. George pleads "no question" about whether or not they are "both stars," and says they are both excellent choices. If you're keeping score? That's I think four times we've mentioned that "both" of them are stars, or good choices for the Apprentice. Just noting that for later. Carolyn says that they both "did a lot right," and that they share a gift for motivating their teams: "Every team member respected them, as a matter of fact." She says that Yahoo!/Glaser went really well, and that Randal, running behind, got things done in a small amount of time, with everybody having fun, and everybody was motivated to actually make money. Which, if you don't speak Connecticut, I'll translate: what Carolyn just said was, "Randal Pinkett is the next Apprentice." Trump tells them they are brilliant and have tremendous futures ahead of them, and throws them out of the Boardroom. (THE END! THE END!) Some NBC voice tells us that we're now really live and not going anywhere at Lincoln Center, "where anything can happen." Finally. I mean, "No!"

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