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The Tooth Hurts

The elevator doors open, and the women walk into the Boardroom. They are soon joined by -- yes, in a pink tie again -- Trump. He recaps the fact that they essentially were defeated on budget alone, because Pi-yowza would have won them the task. He further points out that ten percent is a big margin to be over budget. He adds that on a $500 million building, ten percent would be $50 million. ("Dear Mr. and Mrs. Trump: Young Donald is almost ready for square roots.") Elizabeth says that she was "surprised" to find that they were over budget like that, particularly since she had reserved a "pad" in the budget to protect against overruns. Trump asks Elizabeth whether blame lies with Ivana as budget director, but Elizabeth shifts it back to Maria as the printer liaison. Elizabeth says that Maria negotiated a price that obviously wasn't clear, or wasn't firm, because it came back so much higher. Asked to respond, Maria says that the only contact she had with the vendor was a 2:30 AM phone call in which she told them that $1850 was what was in the budget, and that they'd have to honor that. Now, she may or may not be telling what she believes to be the truth, but the vendor clearly told her that she wouldn't get a final price until 7:00 AM, so that's not really fair. We even saw that part. Not only that, but she told the other women it was no longer going to be $1850, so Maria definitely did not walk away from her one phone call with the vendor believing that she had a firm price at $1850. On the other hand, neither did the rest of the women, all of whom were given quite a bit of advance warning that the price was shaky on what appeared to be the night before the event.

Elizabeth jumps in and says that Maria has tried to blame everyone else for this problem. This is the week of weird eye issues, because something about Elizabeth's eyebrows bothers me, but man, Maria blinks more than any person I have ever seen in my life. Anyway, as Elizabeth makes her case against Maria, Maria coldly says, "She's doing a really good sales job right now, is what she's doing." "But you're not, so go ahead," Trump says. Heh. Yeah, I'm not sure Trump sees "really good sales job" as an insult. Maria tries to say that she hasn't been sticking up for herself because she's not the kind of person to "butt in." Oh, come on, Maria! Now is no time for manners! Don't you want any screen time? Maria insists that the invoice from the printer was "wrong," and I don't see how that's possible, when she herself didn't know what the price was supposed to be. What's interesting to contemplate is whether anybody ever got back to the vendor at 7:00 AM, like they were supposed to, to find out the final price. Maria wrote down "7:00 AM" on her sheet. Why didn't she call them at 7:00 AM? Clearly unhappy with everyone, George rips into Elizabeth about this one item accounting for a $5000 budget overrun, and Elizabeth seems unsure of exactly what to say.

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