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The Tooth Hurts

Stacie is asked whom she would fire if it were up to her, and she names Elizabeth. She claims that the task was very disorganized, and that the way the whole thing was handled was "embarrassing." Trump then turns to Stacy, who talks about disorganization and whatnot, but moves in for the kill, saying that "the weakest link is Stacie J." She goes on to claim that part of the chaos is the result of "Elizabeth having to put out fires." Not that she names, describes, or itemizes any of these fires. Asked whom she would fire, Ivana says that she would fire Stacie also. Remarkably, Ivana can't even come up with her own stupid literary device, and borrows the stupid literary device of the person before her, referring to the need to manage Stacie by "putting out her fires." Not that she names, describes, or itemizes any of these fires, either. Ivana claims -- and doesn't she hear that voice, and doesn't she know how snide it sounds? -- that Elizabeth could have been more effective without Stacie to deal with. Even though, as has been established, that has nothing to do with why they lost, and even though Elizabeth herself hasn't attributed any problems she may have had to the time she spent working with Stacie. I also love how Ivana refers to Stacie as "this particular resource." I would have fired her just for that marble-mouthed piece of consultant claptrap.

Anyway, it's time for Elizabeth to bring people to the Boardroom. And whom will she bring? Maria, for justifiable reasons, and Stacie, for social and depressing ones. Trump sends the rest of the women up to the suite. When they're all gone, Trump asks Carolyn for thoughts. What you saw on Saturday night but not on Thursday night was that Carolyn opened this speech by saying she thinks they're all horrible, which I loved. But anyway, she tells Trump that she thinks Elizabeth is an awful leader and that Maria blew the task. George is concerned that he couldn't trust Maria with money. Trump brings them back.

Trump opens by asking Elizabeth why Stacie is here. The truth, which is, "Because I believed that she's the only person Maria might gang up on with me" won't do, so Elizabeth claims that Stacie is the other person who performed worst on the task. But Elizabeth returns quickly to Maria, who is the one she genuinely thinks is responsible. "Doesn't anything fall on you? You're the leader," Trump says. "Nothing has fallen on her so far," Maria says in her clipped, pinchy little way. Elizabeth allows that some of the disorganization in the task is her responsibility. Trump asks Elizabeth whether it isn't true that Ivana really belongs in the room instead of Stacie. Elizabeth says no, and Trump turns to Stacie to point out how she's being picked on.

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