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The Tooth Hurts

Stacie puts up a halfhearted defense of herself, saying that people who know her know that she's not crazy. Trump, however, focuses on the fact that her entire team is expressing concern about the behavior. His bottom line is that he doesn't think he can have somebody working for him when everybody else is that unsettled: "When it's unanimous like this, all I can say is there's got to be some reason." He fires Stacie, instantly becoming a billionaire who has been snowed by a bunch of women barely bright enough to figure out a 20% tip on a $100 lunch check.

Stacie is sent down to the street, while the other nasty women head up.

Trump says that he had no choice, and Carolyn makes a comment that people disagree about, as far as whether she was agreeing or disagreeing, interestingly. George, however, seems to agree.

Stacie hits her cab. If it's any consolation, she looks fabulous in that coat. But it probably isn't.

In her cab ride home, Stacie talks a little too much about how she clearly isn't crazy, because she pays her taxes. I like to think the standards are a little higher than that.

Next week: Restaurant openings. Arguing. Boyfriend Bill!

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