Sex, Lies And Altitude

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I have no idea what the women's commercial they're so excited about is like, because we don't see it, except five seconds of a screen made to look like a card, followed by the slogan, "Own It." Considering that this isn't an ad for buying a corporate jet, but for renting time on a corporate jet, that seems like a rather stupid slogan to me. It's like Avis doing a rental car commercial that ends with, "Own It." Own what? You're not going to own squat. Worse yet, at the end of the commercial, Assorama claps. For their commercial. She claps for her own work. As Donny rightly points out, you just really don't do that. "Yay, me! Yay, my presentation! Yay, I am adorable!" Shut up. Amy wraps up the presentation to Donny by saying that they focused their campaign on "sex appeal" and "shock value." I would go with shock value, but I really didn't find those ads sexy. I suppose Donny found Heidi's fuck-me routine sexy, perhaps.

Oh, and something else, while we're on the women's campaign. To the degree that those ads are cool, they are mostly cool because of the quality of the photography. I have an extremely hard time believing that the women played a large role in setting up those shots, especially since what we saw them doing was a completely, entirely different setup of Katrina sitting on the wing of the plane with her legs almost wrapped around the guy with the big mock-up card. That seemed to be what they meant by "sexy," and it seems much more in line with how "creative" and "clever" these women actually are. Furthermore, the composition of the shots is still going to be largely the photographer's work,'s not that I don't think the print ads were good as far as getting people's attention, because they were, but I have to think it's mostly a credit to the photographer they worked with. I'm not sure what they told the guy, but he grabbed some really striking shots, and I find it hard to believe they dictated them really closely after starting with that stupid, pedestrian girl-on-the-wing business. I hope they sent him a thank-you note. Not likely.

Anyway, Donny sits around leering at the women for a while, sneeringly castigates them for "set[ting] the women's movement back about seventy years," and then he sends them on their way. I posit that there is a special place in hell reserved for a guy who will eagerly devour women acting like they have nothing to offer but T&A, reward them for it, and then put them down for it. The women seem happy. They don't really get the irony, I don't think.

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