Sex, Lies And Altitude

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Ad nauseam

The guys head out of S4 to hit the Boardroom, and the women wish them luck, all the time cackling internally.

Night! Manhattan! Lights! Tall buildings! The guys arrive at the Boardroom floor of the Tower, and they head into the Boardroom itself. In comes Trump, at last. "Jason," he asks, "what happened?" Jason insists that they "put together a phen-aaah-menal paaa-ckage" (man, his accent bugs me), but "it wasn't the one that they wanted." Trump asks for opinions about Jason from around the table. Troy says that "Jason's a great second-half quarterback." He says, in fact, that their whole team is "a great second-half team." Nick backs Jason. "I think Jason performed well," he said. He praises Jason's ability to make quick decisions. "Are you saying that because you don't want Jason to pick you?" Donald asks bluntly. Nick does not hesitate. "Not one bit. I thought his decisions were real sharp." You'll recall that Nick sort of agreed with Jason on not meeting with the client, which was Jason's most controversial decision. Trump asks Sam for his thoughts on Jason. Good or terrible? Sam hems and haws. Oh, he'd say...not good. But...not terrible. And Kwame? Who does Kwame think was the fuck-up of the week? Well, Kwame does think they should have talked to the president of the company. Troy puts in that Jason made the decision not to call. "I think that was a terrible decision," Trump says. "If you had met with the president face-to-face, you would have known that he wanted a flashier campaign." Well...maybe, but...remember what he said about what the women did? I guess you could have gone flashier without going quite so tacky. "It's time now, Jason," Donald says. He asks Jason to bring people along with him. Jason, unsurprisingly, starts with Sam, citing the fact that Sam fell asleep on the job. Jason actually feels that as the leader, this was an insult to him. Mm-hmm. Then he has to pick person number two. This is difficult for Jason, because he really just wants to fire Sam. Who does Jason choose? Nick, who just backed him up.

There's a theory among the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters that Jason took Nick to increase the odds of Sam being fired, because he knew Trump wouldn't pick Nick. But the problem with doing that on this show is that you increase the odds of his firing you by just as much, potentially. If that is what Jason did, he might have been better off choosing somebody else who would provide an appealing option if Trump just wasn't going to fire Sam, however much the guys wanted him to. At any rate, Nick it is. Trump expresses some surprise that Jason chose the guy who just supported him in the face of quite a lot of criticism. Trump then asks Nick if he thinks he did a dumb thing in defending Jason. "No, I think that he did do a good job," Nick says. Bill, Kwame, Troy, and Bowie are dismissed to head back upstairs. Nick, Jason, and Sam have to hang out in the Loser Lobby and wait to be called back into the meeting.

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