Sex, Lies And Altitude

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Ad nauseam

Trump returns to the Sam issue. "Everyone hates you," Donald points out. "I don't think they hate me," Sam says tentatively. "Yeah...yeah, pretty close," Donald says. Ha! He adds that Sam gets no respect from anybody on the team, which is actually probably a bigger problem. "Would you say that's a correct statement, Nick?" Nick, not looking at Trump: "I'd say that's correct."

"The problem is, Jason," Trump says finally, "that you made the mistake of not meeting with the president, and you made a mistake." Jason starts to protest. "Jason, Jason," Trump says. "This is a tough one -- you're fired." Trump throws them out of the room. This show, in its own way, really is awesome.

When they're gone, Trump talks to the viceroys. He says that Jason didn't deal with the boss, and that's all there is to it. He does say that Jason is "a spectacular young man," and that's nice of him, anyway. Donald and the viceroys agree that it will only get tougher. I think Donald had it in for Jason ever since the non-interrupting episode last week, and I also think they were very mystified by the selection of Nick and suspected that Jason was trying to manipulate the process somehow. That's my guess.

Jason gets into his loser cab and takes his loser ride back to his loser life. Loser! Upstairs, Nick and Sam return to S4.

TiVo cut off before Jason's exit interview, but I seem to remember it went like this: "[tooth-grinding] Sam is an idiot. [tooth-grinding]"

Next week: Sam is the project manager. Oh, yeah, people, now we're getting somewhere.

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