Sex, Lies And Altitude

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Unsurprisingly, Kristi interviews that they had "no idea what to do," so they just went to the airport with a camera crew. That's it? Get a camera crew and go, with no idea of what you're going to shoot? Wow, great plan. I think that's how they make Yes, Dear. (Ding! Yes, Dear Joke Bonus!)

Over at VersaCorp, Jason is directing Nick and Bill to be the creative guys, and combine their "corporate" and "young and sleek" notions into a coherent "middle ground." I smell "disaster." Troy pitches in that he thinks it's important to talk to the clients -- and he's pointing to a piece of paper when he says "these two gentlemen," so it's clear that they've been given contact information for the clients -- in order to find out what they want. Nick and Jason both think it's probably unnecessary to meet with the clients. Clients, schmients, people -- we're on a tight schedule! Kwame says, somewhat incredulously, that he thinks it's always a good idea to "know what your customer wants." Jason declares the meeting with the clients "a waste of time." Troy interviews that this struck him as ludicrous -- how can you do marketing for people if you don't know what they want? Jason, on the other hand, interviews that, "strategically," they needed to get guys working on the project, client preferences be damned. Better a project ill-suited to the client than a...good project where two guys weren't there for the first half-hour. Or something. He sends Kwame, Bowie, Bill, and Nick off for the photo shoot, and he stays behind with Sam and Troy. "Who could I have sent to go to Marquis Jet?" he asks defensively in a voice-over. Well...that depends on whether you entirely need four guys on the photo shoot and three guys back at the office, doesn't it, Jason?

Protégé. Amy and Ereka are seemingly running late, because they're jogging down the sidewalk toward their meeting. Not that I would put it past a show like this to make them run just to get a little bit of the Baywatch running-is-pretty effect. When they get up to the Marquis offices, they meet with the CEO and the vice president of marketing. One of the guys tells them that he wants the campaign to "wow" him, and the ladies say "nothing is off-limits," and he agrees. I have to say, they showed very, very little of that meeting and almost none of what the guys actually said. But it does tend to support the notion that had the guys taken a meeting with the clients, they might have learned something that might have been helpful.

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