Sex, Lies And Altitude

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Ad nauseam

"Victory," Nick says confidently. "Victory for the men." On the plane, Bill says that he's looking forward to winning and snagging the ride to Boston. Bill is hot. Not necessarily rip-your-shirt-off-right-now hot, just kind of...let's-argue-about-politics hot. Totally different, but equally potent. The sun sets.

It is night in Manhattan. It is morning in Manhattan.

The women stroll into Deutsch, and Tammy holds up a large print ad mock-up. In a line I was absolutely positive I misheard the first time it went by, Assorama says, "Tammy's testicle ad may compromise our ability to win this task." I did not mishear it. Meanwhile, Amy holds up a picture and, giggling, says, "I have to say, Omarosa, this is sexy." The picture shows, I think, the tail of the plane, and it's shot in such a way that it looks very, very much like two legs spread with a very, very pointy appendage sticking down between them. First thought: "Sheesh." Second thought: "Ow." At any rate, I would maintain that Amy perhaps doesn't know the difference between "attention-getting" and "sexy," because I certainly don't find that picture sexy. Striking, but not sexy. It's much too obvious to be sexy. What's worse is that Amy now goes through a completely unnecessary giggling explanation of the visual: "These look like legs, and you figure out what the middle is!" Yes, Amy. We get it. It's a penis. We're not confused. It's not subtle. It's blunt imagery. It's Billy Budd, Sailor kind of blunt. She interviews that they decided to stay with Tammy's theory of using "shock" when putting together the ads. The women laugh, as Assorama, wearing a "Marquis Jet" baseball cap (dork), sits looking miserable. Assorama interviews that Trump is "looking at everything [they] do," as are Carolyn and George, and Assorama can tell that Carolyn and George are grossed out. We don't see George, but we do see Carolyn as Tammy introduces another picture that she calls "the testicle ad," and I agree that Carolyn looks mortified.

VersaCorp "home base." Sam has been assigned some task involving listening to a boom box, and it appears to be boring him silly. Jason voices over that "Sam was the biggest problem" as they worked on the ad campaign. As Jason and Bowie work at the computer, Sam's eyes start to droop, and finally, he puts his head down on the desk. Jason looks over at Sam, and then taps Bowie. The two of them look over in time to see Sam actually lie down on the floor for a nap. Jason gives a little interview about how he believes in "sticking to a principle," which he says means that in his apartments, if you're late on your rent, he'll evict you. Nice. That would be the principle of keeping the ice frozen solid in your veins, I suppose. He relates this to Sam's falling asleep, saying that in a real business situation, he would have fired Sam on the spot for snoozing. "I don't want somebody like that on my team." You can tell just by looking at him that Jason needs about five really bad things to happen to him, and it will make him a far, far better person, and cause him to say a lot fewer dumb-ass things. The kid is twenty-three. He's frankly a little green himself to be delivering snotty lectures about whether you get to be on "his team."

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