Shear Madness

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Evil. Fat. Lady.

Backbone's (sort of) practicing their presentation, although Lil Jon says they don't really practice and he won't do that. Meat Loaf's trying to figure it all out, since he runs the lights. He says that, with a ten-minute rehearsal, a loss will have to fall on Lil Jon.

ASAP. Presentation time. NeNe dances and gets them pumped up backstage. As the dancers shake their beauty, Star interviews that she knows she contributed to the team, since there'd be no lights, dancers, or branding without her. NeNe introduces the stylists, who come out and talk about the CHI hair products. Their stylist talks about buying American and ammonia-free hair color, blah, blah, hairstyle cakes. Then it's Marlee's turn to come out and be a model. NeNe says she likes Marlee, and could tell she really went above and beyond the call of duty. Next up is Hope, who awkwardly walks out with hair products in her hands. NeNe thinks she looks like Big Bird, not a model. NeNe goes back out to close out the presentation, and again mentions "Buy American." She says she hopes they did great, but if they lost, it's going to be Hope and Star with her in the boardroom, and it's going down.

Backbone's up next. Lil Jon introduces the "Feelin' Good in America" presentation and their stylists, and then it's pretty dead as they work. Meat Loaf says their presentation started a little dead, but what are you going to do when you don't get to rehearse? Next, though, Lil Jon tells the crowd he's taking them on a tour of America and interviews their Southern belle, Niki Taylor. The stylist comes out with Niki -- who's decked out in Southern wear and a guitar -- and explains what products he used on her hair. Their next model is a superstar from Rodeo Drive. They even have her followed by fake paparazzi. Lil Jon asks them if they know about afros, and brings up Questlove from the Roots. He asks if he can cut his hair, but Questlove declines. After that, Lil Jon heads to New Orleans with Mardi Gras. He throws beads to the audience, and then their Mardi Gras queen comes out. Finally, the queen becomes a New York City fashionista. Meat Loaf says they pulled off a hair show, but he's not sure if it was a perfect hair show. Lil Jon can't see them losing this task, so "boardroom" isn't even in his vocabulary right now.

Unfortunately for him, though, it has to be after a commercial break, since it's boardroom time. Trump starts by asking NeNe how her team responded to her as project manager. She says that, on the first day of task, she felt a little alone and like they didn't deliver their full potential. Ivanka asks if she's surprised and says you can't be a flamethrower and expect everyone to get along. Trump asks about the confrontation, which he says came out of nowhere. But NeNe says it didn't come out of nowhere; she says she felt Star was often too bossy and manipulative. She doesn't like people who are disloyal or backstabbers. NeNe says Star is those things, but Star says she knows that's not true so she was able to go on with her work. NeNe says that last week she "saw it in Star's eyes, like she had grown two horns, and it was ridiculous." NeNe says she respects Star's desire to win, but she doesn't respect "lowdown dirty backstabbing." She says that if that's what Trump's looking for, it's right there in blue. Ivanka asks if anyone else has been doing that, and NeNe says Hope's under Star's spell for sure. Trump says Hope's very much under the radar and is sort of coasting along, getting by each week. Hope says she doesn't like confrontation. Trump says she doesn't have that same fight as NeNe or Star.

Trump asks Star if she'd rather have NeNe or Hope on her team going forward. Star says it depends on if she and NeNe could resolve the tension, because she feels really bad that NeNe despises her. NeNe acts totally innocent: "I despise you? When did that start?" Uh, at the beginning of this episode? Star changes the word "despise" to "doesn't trust me." NeNe starts lecturing Star on loyalty and decency. Ivanka breaks in, though, to tell Star that her answer implies that Hope is less talented, and it's a temperamental issue with NeNe. NeNe talks all over Ivanka and doesn't let Star answer, saying that it's only a temperamental issue because she's the only one of these girls who will stand up to Star Jones, which she swears she'll continue to do as long as Star's mean, malicious, and backstabbing. She tells Star to sit there and continue to try to look innocent, when they all know that she is not.

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