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Trump asks Marlee what she thinks of all this. She says that sometimes NeNe scares her. NeNe asks when that started, and Marlee says yesterday morning. Trump tells Marlee she didn't need to be scared, but Star maybe should have been, since NeNe's a big, tough lady. NeNe says she's just verbal, not physical. Trump and Ivanka point out that towering over her and walking over to her is a physical act of dominance. NeNe says she wanted to let Star know that she can scare the rest of these girls, but she doesn't scare her. Trump gets back to Marlee and asks if she respects NeNe. Marlee says she has the utmost respect for NeNe, who she likes and is friends with. She thinks she's funny, straightforward, and honest. She says NeNe's not violent, but she's verbally abusive at times. Trump says Star can handle herself. But then he says he's known Star a long time and has never seen her scared, but she was scared yesterday morning. Star says she wasn't scared. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to handle herself with the dignity she wants in this business situation. NeNe asks if she calls being backstabbing "dignity." Star says she doesn't consider herself to be backstabbing. NeNe: "And that's dignity." Then NeNe asks Star why her reputation is the way it is. Trump wonders what that means. NeNe says that most people she runs into don't like Star. Trump thinks that's pretty tough, and he thinks Star has a great reputation, which is why she's here. He says they all have great reputations, and tries to lighten the mood by saying he's the only one with a bad reputation.

Trump turns to Lil Jon and asks how his team did. He thinks they did great, because they had a lively production and their stylists were performers, too. Trump says he heard Lil Jon did very well on stage, where he's a natural. Lil Jon says that's what he does every week, and Trump guesses all three of the guys would be great on stage. Rich says he always judges his own performances based on the reaction coming back at him, and it was strong here. Trump asks about bringing Niki Taylor back. Rich says it was his idea, and he thought they needed a beautiful woman like Niki since they're three men on a hair show challenge. Ivanka says that Lil Jon was very calm when she visited, and he says that's how he is; he doesn't like to get too stressed out. Trump asks if the men's team was too laid back, given what's going on with ASAP. Backbone doesn't think so at all. Trump asks if they all get along, and they do. He asks Lil Jon who his weak player was, but Lil Jon says he doesn't have a weak player. Trump asks who he'll fight for if he loses. Lil Jon: "We're not going to lose." Trump says that's awfully confident.

Trump asks Ivanka what Farouk thought of the men's team. He loved Lil Jon as an emcee. He also liked the branding and messaging, and loved the theme of American cities. His negative comment was that he didn't think they articulated that the products stood for safety by not using ammonia. Eric says that Farouk thought the women did a great job emphasizing the safety, and that the stylists were very informative at representing the brand. Farouk also liked Marlee. He thought NeNe was weak as emcee, and didn't do a good job highlighting the brand. He didn't think there was a real theme or direction, and he thought Hope looked awkward in the hair show. He also felt like they didn't take control, and that the stylists were running it instead of the team. Trump says Farouk was very impressed by both teams, but he liked the men's team better. Lil Jon's getting $40,000 for United Methodist Children's Home.

Trump tells the men he has another surprise for them. He tells Amanda to "bring her in," and La Toya walks back in. She sits down next to Meat Loaf, and Trump explains that La Toya came to him and made a strong case for why she should come back. He says that La Toya could have gone back to California, where she has a lot of money and an easy life. He welcomes her to the guys' team, and she thinks this will be great. Trump reminds them that the men lost Jose through no one's fault, so this is a great chance to get back a strong player to replace him. He says he's never done this before in eleven seasons and he'll never do it again. Trump asks La Toya how she feels about Star versus NeNe, and she says she definitely likes NeNe, who will tell you the way it is, upfront, to your face. She says that Star is backstabbing and manipulative. NeNe agrees. Trump asks how La Toya feels about Hope, and La Toya says she's fine; she "follows Star." Trump says, to be fair, this is exactly what NeNe was saying. NeNe says it's the truth, but you have to be playing on this side to see it. She says these other ladies know it too, and she doesn't know why they won't say it.

Ivanka says that Hope's not saying anything. Trump: "Hope never says anything." Ivanka says if someone called her a follower, she'd say something. Hope says she doesn't see it as being a follower; she sees it as going for whoever's saying what she agrees with at the moment. Ivanka asks her what about saying something for herself and having other people agree with that. Trump interrupts to send the men and La Toya back to the suite. They welcome La Toya on the way out. Trump tells the other ladies to stay here, because someone will be fired.

In the suite, the men toast to their win and to La Toya. They think she's going to mesh well with their team, and that they're going to keep winning. Lil Jon says it feels good to win a task like this where the women are favored, and to get another $40,000 for his charity. Then they tune back in to the boardroom drama. Trump tells NeNe he finds her very nice and he thinks he understands her: She's very emotional. He also says he's known Star for a long time, and he also knows she's nice. He says it's too bad what's going on between the two of them. He asks what NeNe felt happened. She says she felt alone for the first day on her team, and she felt everyone should be able to put things aside and work, like she did. Trump says she does seem to be good at putting things aside. She says she does do that, but she knows she's guilty of just sitting there until she explodes like she did with Star. She explains Star telling her she should be project manager and Hope looking up like, "Yes! It's time." She says she knew it was a setup, so when Trump asked them who was going to be project manager, she told him the truth: that Star thought she should do it.

Back in the suite, Lil Jon says Star's smart, because she's a lawyer. La Toya says lawyers are professional liars, which is what Star is. Trump asks NeNe if she should be fired, and she says she shouldn't. He asks who should be, and she says, without hesitation, "Hope." Then adds "Or Star." She says Hope's just weak, and no one needs her. Trump says there is truth to that, but Hope says she was project manager and led her own way, and she thinks it's interesting that NeNe's charity is domestic violence but when she attacked Star it was "mentally and verbally violent." Ivanka wonders if Hope shouldn't defend herself instead of Star here, and Hope says she isn't a "follower to [sic] Star." She says she's done what she's told when led by a project manager.

Trump asks Star who she'd want on her team going forward. Star says she'd pick Marlee first, and Trump says that's a given, since Marlee's been a star. Trump asks who else, and Star says she'd pick Hope only because, in the long run, the team needs to be pulled together. She says that she watched the team feel like there was "a pink elephant in the room." (So a hallucinated unaddressed issue? Okay then.) She says that if NeNe's not in a space where she feels attacked or angry, she's one of the hardest workers. Trump says she'd be a great asset, then. Trump asks Marlee who she would least want on her team going forward. Marlee says she

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