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'd have to say NeNe because she's project manager. She tells NeNe she knows she loves her, and Trump laughs, "Here we go, NeNe." Ivanka tells Marlee she's making her assessment based on this task, which isn't what Trump asked. He asked about who would be least helpful in taking on the men, plus La Toya, going forward. Marlee says she'd rather have NeNe on her team than Hope. Trump asks who can leave, and she sends Marlee away. Trump congratulates Marlee and sends the others to wait in the lobby. Back in the suite, they all think Hope's out since she never speaks up.

In the lobby, Hope tells Star it's hilarious that she's trying to say somebody would physically harm her. (I'm not even sure what she's talking about, actually; maybe something that got cut in editing.) Star says she doesn't trust it. NeNe tells Star to keep saying that, because maybe she'll convince... Hope. But no one else. Hope says, "NeNe." But NeNe tells her not to speak to her. In the boardroom, Trump says this isn't easy. Ivanka says NeNe was a weak project manager. Eric says she has an incredibly tough personality. Ivanka says that, at the end of the day, Hope isn't rising to the occasion. Trump calls them back in.

Trump asks Star why she shouldn't be fired, and she says she contributed to the task at hand. She says she actually felt, "Star, suck it up," because the insults were meant to humble her so she tried to take it that way and work like she would have for anyone else or for NeNe had that not happened. Ivanka tells NeNe there's some truth in that, and NeNe agrees. Ivanka says most people wouldn't be able to suck it up and go forward. NeNe says she does think Star's a strong player, and she's said that many times. She says Star's also very smart. She just doesn't like the way she tries to play the game. Trump asks Hope if she thinks Star's manipulative and if she's manipulating her. Hope doesn't think she's manipulating her. She says Star was very aggressive and bossy on the first task, but then she saw that was Star's personality so she doesn't think it's a strategy. She says she would fire NeNe for the way she behaved in front of a client and for being project manager. She says she would have used her hype and her voice if she'd been the host. Ivanka says that was one of the criticisms. Trump asks NeNe who she would fire, and she says Hope. She says she could easily say Star, but she's going to be real, because Hope's not a strong player and Star will walk all over her. She says Star will want her out, though, because she's a strong player who is willing to stand up to her and not take her B.S. Hope says she thinks NeNe just doesn't like her because she communicates differently than her and screams all the time. She tells them about NeNe calling La Toya "Casper the Ghost."

Star says that NeNe did say all of that, and yet she's the bossy manipulator. Trump says she may have said that, but La Toya just said she loves NeNe and doesn't like Star. He asks Hope how she responds to that, and Hope stammers about it until she says she doesn't know what to do with it. Trump asks Star if she'd care that much about whether he fires NeNe or Hope. Star says keeping Hope wouldn't add to the stress of the team, but if she'd had any conversation with NeNe that would make things better, he'd say to fire Hope. Trump says that Hope's been flying under the radar, but he respects her because she's young and beautiful (?), but if these other two can get working together they'll be impossible to beat. So he fires Hope and tells her she has a great future. Trump tells the Trumplets that could have gone a number of different ways, but he thinks they made the right decision. The Trumplets bobblehead in agreement. On the way into the suite, NeNe tells Star she wants to have a conversation with her, and Star tells her she wants her to know she's also been manipulative. NeNe disagrees, and Star tells her to stop because she's not doing this in front of the camera. NeNe says she just told her she wants a conversation. Star: "Done. Done." They shake hands as the door closes on the suite.

Taxicab confession: Hope's "really really thankful" that she was on the show. Trump was an incredible person to work for. She doesn't think she could have done anything differently to stay, because she is who she is. She thinks NeNe should have been fired for blowing up in front of Farouk, but it's ultimately up to Trump. Plus, she's sort of a squeeing fangirl about being fired by Trump. Seriously. She thinks it's pretty great. Gag.

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