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Lesson Eleven: The Smartness Is In The Science!

Everybody: [slides brochures around the table really aggressively for some reason, for a weird amount of time.]

Trump: "So whose fault is it that you missed the mark so badly?"
Tim: "That was my fault. Also James's. But I'm not going to say that he should go because he's the PM and followed my dumb idea that I came up with in desperation. Nope, not me. I'd never say that. I'm a hero: I take credit for our wins, I'll take the blame for this."
Ivanka: "Did you just get tired? Or lazy? Not a lot of brain power went into this."
James: "I think we were distracted."
Trump: "By whom, pray tell?"

James: "People I'm willing to sell out this week include Tim and Frank."
Trump: "Frankie? Why Frankie?"
James: "He pulled a total James!"
Trump: "And wasn't he also the director?"
Frank: "I executed the vision of the team. I wasn't comfortable with the concept and I was upfront about that."
Heidi: "What's this science crap hanging out in the middle of your ad?"
Trump: "It's 'Too Much Information,' that's the thing. I just heard this phrase on The Suite Life Of Zach & Cody yesterday, and I'm trying it out."
Ivanka: "You can evoke the idea that this is associated with science, that it's where the smartness comes from, but I don't necessarily need a graph or some kind of fucked up molecular structure. You can just find a way to give the impression. The smartness is in the illusion of science."
Stefani: "I agree with that. Also, you should fire Tim. This isn't grade school, and he's being seriously annoying."
Trump: "Isn't Frankie also distracting too? With the constant gawking and screaming and the beer and stuff?"
Stefani: "Not like Tim, though. Tim's gotten really annoying, sir. Frank is the same amount of obnoxious as he was the day we met him."

Tim: "Let's talk about loyalty! They are not being loyal."
Trump: "Nicole told me she hates you."
Tim: "No she didn't, and also, she thinks of me as a loyal person."
Ivanka: "So Nicole thinks you're loyal? And the team doesn't. Do you realize you're giving us semantic ammunition even more quickly than you think you are?"
Tim: "Shut up, Ivanka. Stop interrupting me."
Everybody: "Bye, Tim!"

Trump: "You just told my daughter to shut up?"

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