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Washing out

Trump asks John what he thinks, and he also thinks it should have been funny, and it wound up having too much going on, with the body shots and things. In other words, you can't really have your commercial be sultry and goofy. Which is largely true, because you only have 30 seconds, and you can't turn on that particular dime. Kristen insists that the idea was that the sweaty person got refreshed, and Carolyn is like, "You use body wash with water, moron." Only nicer. Though not very much. Carolyn puts it simply: "It repelled you from buying this product." I hope they're all taking notes. Like Carolyn thinks repelling the consumer is bad -- seems to feel strongly. Kristen then moves on to her anti-Audrey segment, which is to say they were going to use water, but the models were difficult. She goes on to point out that Audrey was in charge of the models, and Audrey says she certainly was not. Tana was in charge of the models, and Audrey assisted. Tana affirms that she was in charge of the models, but denies that model problems were the reason they didn't use water in the ad. Certainly are a lot of walls closing in on our Kristen.

George says that he wants to hear from Chris, because Chris hasn't yet said anything. What is Chris thinking? Well, Chris is thinking that he's about to freak, as he often does. He recalls being told to be "bold," and says that while the Net Worth ad wasn't as bold, at least IT WASN'T GAY! That's basically what he says, about the "homosexual connotation," at which point Erin's eyeballs go, "Boing!" Which I love, because you can tell she totally forgot there were even idiots like this floating around anymore. Have you noticed that true homophobes are becoming marginalized? Yeah. Eat it, suckers. And then Trump gets really weird, and says to Chris, "Are you not a homosexual?" "Sir, I am not a homosexual," Chris insists loudly. He goes on to spit, "That is a not a huge number of people to attract." Well, sure, but it's all the good ones. Just kidding! Don't email me! Trump turns to Erin, and she's like, "Who watches Will and Grace, a show about gay men? Women, women, women." Word. And, as stated, Queer As Folk, too.

Time to move on. Asked whom she will be bringing to the final table, Erin names Bren and Michael, and Trump says he figured. And Kristen? She will be bringing Tana and Audrey, hoping desperately to convince Trump it was some kind of model malfunction. Everyone else gets to go up to the L-Pal, but the final six, three from each team, have to stick around.

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