Soap Gets In Your Eyes

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Lesson Nine: Pain Is Temporary

Trump: "You wanted to be the actress?"
Ivanka: "Why, Muna, did you do that?"
Muna: "I stated a preference, merely a preference, to fuck things up for everybody. She was free to order me to do anything, I gave my input that I would stonewall her and ruin everything, and she made the decision. I have a lot of 'presentation' experience, making presentations to people who can understand what I say."
Trump: "What are the circumstances under which people can understand what you say?"

Kristine: "She's abominable when she's routed? So I wanted to make sure she didn't bring down the whole team?"
Muna: "So you fucked it up because I talk crazy!"
Kristine: "No, you fucked it up by being an asshole and by talking crazy."
Muna: "I am a MUTE!"
Kristine: "No, you're obnoxious and passive aggressive to a shocking degree."
Muna: "... Absurd!"

Ivanka: "So basically she's so very disruptive that you were taking a backseat as PM to mitigate her as a loose cannon? You put yourself in the position of being a pussy, basically?"
Trump: "Well, whether it's a good or bad decision depends entirely on how awful Muna really is."
Muna: "I am the right amount of awful for you to fire Kristine!"

Trump: "Were you trying to appease Muna?"
Kristine: "AGAIN, no. I was trying to shut her up. I was doing this for the good of the team."
Trump: "How good for the team is it to have a presentation that makes no sense?"
Ivanka: "Kristine, also, the execs couldn't pick you out of a lineup. Why didn't you meet them?"
Muna: "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me..."
Ivanka: "And thirdly, there was a lack of product integration?"
Heidi: "This part's kind of funny. We had to cut all the parts where we were acting totally insane? And that was also the parts where we talked about the product."

Ivanka: "Muna may or may not know at any given time how powerful her accent is going, that's how accents work. So somebody should have been there. As a director, in other words."
James: "Did you even like watch it, afterwards?"
Muna: "NO! She had the option of doing that, watching during the shoot. She wasn't gone the whole time, she was gone for like five minutes. We only had two scenes done the entire time."

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