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Lesson Nine: Pain Is Temporary

Trump: "Heidi, as I said twenty-six minutes ago in this very room, Muna asked a very dangerous, risky question. And you answered it, and your answer was Kristine."
Heidi: "...Yeah. Your point?"
Trump: "Muna you're fired! Ha! You totally didn't see that coming! I lulled you into a false sense of that I had gone nuts! But really I was lying in wait, underneath my babbling! You had no idea! Oh, the look on your face! Angela, kiss me! With tongue! Everybody else, leave! I'm a very important man with very important shit to do! I am the most important, richest, classiest man in the world! And you're all afraid of me! So run from this room! Or else!"

They mosey out, and Trump lets the Viceroys in on this thing he noticed where Muna asked a risky question. Ivanka goes, "Yeah."

Outside, Muna's well ahead of the pack, but is sweet as she's leaving: "Okay, girls!" They wave goodbye, sadly. Heidi exhales for the first time in two hours and slowly unclenches her fists and thinks about Chardonnay. "No pressure on Heidi, or anything." The "fucking A" is silent. God, I love her so much. I wish we'd seen this before, because I would have been way more thumbs up on this season if they'd shown a second of Heidi being interesting or cool in any way. The three Kineticists remaining laugh and grin and are awesome as they go back to the yard, all friendly and wiped out. This show is so good now! What happened before? What was the point of that sucking before?

In the limo, Muna gives just about the grossest speech I've ever heard somebody give in this position, all about how she hopes to inspire at least one little girl or one little boy to believe in God and be a hard worker -- gross -- and then also that God is going to destroy Kinetic for what they've done to her. Gross.

Next week: RESHUFFLE! And you'll never guess who's coming to Kinetic! "Will business...trump love?" Man, this show rocks.

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