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Lesson Three: Whoring It Up For The Community

Rebecca, over all other speakers, then rings out awesomely. I don't know if I can get this across, how amazing and intimidating she is, but it was really something to watch. "Mr. Trump, this is something I'd like to say. To state for the record about Toral. I would like to see a woman on this team as your next Apprentice. And I am fearful that if Toral does not proceed on, that a women may not have the intellectual…" Now, what she's saying is about 80% bullshit, but it's the way she says it that Trump -- and I -- respond to. This façade of total fearlessness and intensity where it's like she's got a microphone and it's plugged into the guts of you. Every week I've said, "There's a hardness, there's a hardcoreness, there's a thing, this or that," and this is what I was waiting for. She's got a little lip quiver, it's clear they're all exhausted, but she's fronting so impressively, it's such a massive and relatable bluff, that I'm willing to agree with her on the flip side.

Jen W. answers her with a succinct and fairly awesome "You show a lack of judgment." George agrees, yelling, "Way off base!" Trump is pretty cool here, throwing out a hand and saying in a reasoned, measured tone, "Don't say that, George. I don't necessarily disagree with her." And George returns the serve: "I do." Then, as though correcting his sales figures, Rebecca turns the Manson lamps on George: "She went to the same school as Mr. Trump, George." Silence. Trump's like, "Toral has to be smart -- she went to a school...truly the smartest people in the nation go to the Wharton School of Finance." And just when you think he's fallen for the most brown-nosed of Rebecca's strategies here, he continues. "That doesn't mean she has common sense, and it doesn't mean she has...other things." I assume he means like a soul, or friends.

Asked whom she'll be bringing back in with her, Rebecca calls it a hard decision, but says ultimately she has to go with her "integrity"...then names the Jens. Everybody's shocked and grossed out, and I myself am confused. Why Jen M.? For a second I thought it was a technicality based on possibly bringing up Jen M.'s possible reliance on sexuality, that somehow she might leverage Carolyn in there on that one, but she doesn't go within a mile of that, so...maybe it's a Big Brother pawn thing and she's bringing in the one person who hasn't fucked up anything whatsoever and is generally pretty awesome. And come to think of it, is probably the most attractive to Trump, out of all of them. Ew, I just grossed myself out through the power of cynicism. Still, I would love it if Rebecca were thinking all of that at once.

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