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Lesson Three: Whoring It Up For The Community

I know I'm quoting a lot this week, but it's good stuff! Trump goes, "You've put yourself in a very bad position," right, and Rebecca's all, "I appreciate that. But I intend to maintain my integrity. I believe in Toral, her abilities, and as a result, I am incapable of bringing her in here. Whether or not that leads to my defeat…" Trump: "Which it might." Rebecca: "Which it might, it very well could. But there's something I will never put on the line, and that is my integrity, and I will not allow that to be set aside in order for one short-term game." Mangled word salad, yes, but I do like the logical proof she's set up here, because it invalidates the whole "friendship" part: it would go against this "integrity" of hers to expose someone whose abilities she respects to be in danger. Which I applauded the first week, with Kristi, and even though it's a bit cheaper this time, I'm still down. Trump invites Toral to "drop to [her] knees and thank [Rebecca], because I don't get it." Toral, refusing to shut up, starts off again, but Trump interrupts her, addressing Rebecca: "I hate your decision, because I think you're wrong. What I do like is your loyalty. I think the loyalty is very admirable." She thanks him graciously and for a second is only at a like eight as far as the intensity of her eyes, which are like coals burning and whirling in her face. Trump tells Toral to "enjoy the view" -- "Thank you, I will," she giggles, and is pretty self-possessed at this point -- "while your friend Rebecca is going through hell." Ouch!

Jen W. helps Rebecca with her chair, which is very cool of her, and finally we get three people on the Robin Couch, for the first time this season. Inside, Trump and the Viceroys are...astounded by the whole production they just witnessed. Even George has to admit that she stood her ground. Carolyn's like, "She should've brought Toral and the whole Jen M. thing makes no sense, but at least old TETHNO's going home."

Rebecca returns and sits across from Trump looking hardcore, not blinking or looking down. She explains that she brought Jen M. because "she gets off-point and spends copious amounts of time on things that are...important, but not leading to a win." Trump dismisses this out of hand, and even Jen W. is like, "Jen M. did nothing wrong." I know she's a sad sack and all, but I'm kind of digging on Jen W.'s willingness to be straightforward about her own suckiness. Trump straight-up tells Jen M. she's not going anywhere anyway, and tells Rebecca she's made a terrible mistake. "The team can't stand her, and she brings them down. She wasn't an inspiration to the team, do you agree with that?" Rebecca is very cagey: "I don't believe the team was inspired by her, no...that could be somebody's reason to bring her back in, but I don't believe it would be my reason to bring her back in." That's some kind of Oliver North plausible deniability there, and I'm not sure I entirely know what's going on in her pretty little Natty Gann head.

Trump: "You're very hard-headed." Rebecca: "I am very hard-headed." George, because the secondary Wisdom of this episode is about demonstrating flexibility, brings that up. Trump casually admits that Rebecca has no flexibility, and I think if she weren't so keyed up, she'd realize he's not really seeing that as a problem, for the moment. So instead she goes off on George and Trump both at once, and it's incredible. "It's ironic that you say I have no flexibility, when I stepped up to this task with a broken ankle -- the first time I've ever had a broken bone in my body -- walking on crutches, I stepped up to this task, and was flexible enough to take on Project Leader. To call me inflexible..."

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