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Lesson Three: Whoring It Up For The Community

We see one of the lift operators with the white gloves that you never see, and in the boardroom, the Viceroys and Trump are just kind of breathing and doing a cooldown after the whole intensity of Rebecca. They just look at each other and shake their heads. "This girl's either going to be great, or a disaster." WORD! I love her!

So the whole slo-mo to the suite is way less intimidating and amazing when the person's on crutches, I'll say that right now. Meanwhile, Jen W. is again getting vague with her bad self: "I'd just like to say that I am a good event planner and I'm very disappointed. I thought it should be Toral going home." She says more in the following categories: Toral is the weakest link (So?), Rebecca's judgment is clouded (…So?), and that the team is a huge mess (So?). Her torturous grammar makes it seem like her vanishing is going to send the entire team into shock and that morale is never going to improve after this blow, but I don't know how much of that she meant to imply. It's funny, though, because, like, come on, Jen W. I've already forgotten who you are, and I'm looking right at you.

So what did we learn? No matter how shady and sneaky you think you're being, there's always somebody more subtle than you are, so don't try that passive-aggressive "if you say so" shit, because even if nobody calls you out, four out of ten people know exactly what you're doing, and it will bite you in the ass. Don't tout your credentials on a national television show if the fact that you totally failed out due to cheating is widely available on the internet. Remember, rumors are just as good as truth, especially when you've already sacrificed your cred just by being on this show. Um, you can't assume somebody is fantastic just because they like Pretty Woman, which I was surprised to learn. Don't say you're an event planner if you're not. Brownie luncheons don't count. Basically, it comes down to this: show flexibility, because people's demands on you are going to be constantly changing, and if you rely on just one thing, even something great like where you went to school, or the girl that took you to the hospital, it's going to burn you. Also, show flexibility by getting the hell away from people that everybody hates: "everybody" is generally pretty smart. ["One word on that: Rupert." -- Sars] Don't be repetitive, it makes you seem unoriginal, and that's not inspiring. Just because it's charity doesn't mean you don't earn inspiration points and come off looking as sexy as a man with a puppy. Only scream at your boss if you're absolutely sure they're going to secretly eat it up, because if you miscalculate a risk that big, nobody's going to feel sorry for you, Melissa. And remember: good leadership is 80% inspiration, and what that means in a business context is: make people think you're more awesome than they are, and chances are, you will be.

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