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Lesson Three: Whoring It Up For The Community

Alla interviews that Rebecca's management approach is very abrasive, that "in a group of such strong women, you don't talk at them, you talk to them, to get their respect and their attention." Valid. That's valid, but I sense that there's more to Alla's feelings about Rebecca than she's letting on. Just a feeling. Based on having seen the episode already. Rebecca orders everyone to get their stuff together for Best Buy.

Once there, Alla, Felisha, and Kristi stand in a corner not doing anything, and bitch about how "our" energy level is just so totally low. Alla and Kristi talk about how they all need to get "jazzed" and how Rebecca is clearly failing to get them "jazzed" and Felisha's like, "Jazzed, yeah." Meanwhile, everybody else seems to be adequately "jazzed," and working, and doing fine. Hmm.

I don't think they're being bitches, exactly, I just think that...well, like I said, they're used to being the ones doing this, giving the orders, and I'm sure it's insulting and obnoxious on every level when it's somebody else -- and not somebody that they've okayed -- doing it. Like, imagine Markus barking these "stay on task" kind of orders. But Alla was just as abrupt with the camera guys on the Lamborghini task, and Kristi did basically the same thing, only with more of a smile and less control, when she was PM. It makes sense, and I wouldn't want to be talked to like that either, but I can't fault Rebecca for going this route. She's naturally hardcore, and plus, she's had two episodes' worth of bullshitting around to observe and figure out a strategy to try to keep them on point. ["If people under you choose to take being told what to do personally, there's not a whole lot you can do in terms of talking 'to' or 'at' them anyway. I'm not a huge Rebecca fan, but…shut up, Kristi." -- Sars]

In some kind of emotion-processing meeting the guys have instituted, Mark bitches about Clay's whole ass-kissy deal with George, calling it contrived. Yes, totally. That's the perfect word for what that was. Good on Mark. Clay kind of responds, in a slickly covering-his-ass way, that he just doesn't want to be caught out in the boardroom and have them accuse him of keeping quiet about his issues on the task. It's not why he did it, but it's a moderately good, fast answer that a bright toddler could still see through. Randal's awesome: "How is that constructive?" and Markus blunders in. Social genius that he is, he counsels them to bury the hatchet, and that's all fine and good, and the way it's edited I can't tell if he's being overbearing or interrupting to do this, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, he then calls the conflict a "lingering turd in the pool," No, Markus. Everyone's kind of taken aback and they giggle, and Markus...doesn't get why what he's just said would be a problem. He goes on to state that he hopes it'll get "fished out soon," which...God, I hate him. There's no fixing that.

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