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Lesson Eight: If There Is No "Try," You're All Screwed

Alla and Clay are hanging with Lord Vader, and it's cute because Clay keeps averting his eyes, not looking directly at him, and I don't think that was specifically edited, but it's funny. Alla's being all director-y, like with the Lamborghini task but without the sound effects, sadly, and Clay's like, "Okay, well, you seem to have a vision of what you want on that," and then he...runs off somewhere. Which Alla is obliged to find outrageous in her interview, even though you know she was actually relieved. We see lots of shots of Chewbacca and Vader posing, and some of it's funny, and then we see what Clay's up to, which is talking to a very cute gay dude, if you're into the whole geek-sweater frosted-tips look. The body language is tricky, but I come down on about a khaki-to-pale yellow level on the Banana Republic scale of flirting, which is to say that Clay's got his hips swayed away, cocking his head slightly toward the guy, and his left knee is trickin' a little bit, like a slight physical stammer, and it's very effective. The other dude is closer to the lemon-yellow side, bent more into the curve than Clay, but he's also taller so that might be a false positive. In any case, they are a couple of attractive guys, and Clay is very charming when he wants to be, which is now, at the very least.

Doesn't really earn Alla's ire here, though ("Flirting! Why the hell do I need Clay there if I'm doing all the work?"), except for how you never find out what Clay's actually doing -- just talking on the phone and flipping through a notebook. I'm sure it's some kind of helpful duty, but you never learn what it is. Alla films a weird three-way shot with Chewbacca and two Storm Troopers, and then there's a hilarious fade from Alla's frustration with Clay to Chewbacca doing the Munch scream in that gargly Wookiee way.

More madness: New York skyline with three suns, lots of models of different Star Wars stuff, and then Yoda fades to Randal (nice) telling everybody about the movies, and this goes on for a while, fading in and out through his various story points, as slightly doofy music plays. Rebecca interviews that they were basically having to rely on Randal "in lieu of the meeting" -- that it was nice to hear "from someone who loves it," but that it wasn't hugely helpful in terms of the marketing history of the franchise, the audience demos for the DVD and game, which is info she says you can only really get from "somebody in the executive chair." Randal says that the point of the movie is the "transition from good to bad," and that they should capture that in the presentation. I guess "covering up Hayden Christensen's slack-jawed look of Markus-like entitlement" wasn't on the PowerPoint.

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