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Lesson One: Competence Is Only Skin Deep

Lenny explains patiently that his task, as assigned, was to direct the blimp, because he knows the area intimately, and that he did this, so the whole "failure to execute" is coming out of nowhere. Trump doesn't even look to Tarek this time: "Is he not a leader? Or did he just do a bad job this time?"

Flash Quiz!

A. Shut the fuck up and listen to what Trump just accidentally told you.
A. Shut the fuck up because you've said your piece and answered Tarek's charges perfectly fine -- Trump might just send you up to the suite in a sec.
A. Shut the fuck up because Trump's trying to trap you; both answers are easily twistable to disloyalty, which is as sneaky as Trump can possibly get, which is: not at all.
A. Shut the fuck up because you're too big an idiot to help your own case, Summer, and you're gonna win a taxi ride unless you surf this one into the beach.

Answer Key: A.

Lenny replies honestly and diplomatically, which is the next best thing to pretending you have no idea what Trump means: "I don't want to end up having a leader like Tarek." Tarek pisses his panties, so astounded is he, and Trump goes for the extra moron point: "You know what? When they put you in the blimp, they sent you to Siberia." I can see him saying that to anybody, like, I don't even know if in that second he was thinking of Lenny as Russian. You know what I mean? It's a poor choice of words either way, because it's dumb, but still. Lenny makes a sad face, either because he just realized Trump's right, or because he feels sorry for Trump.

Trump turns to Lee, and it's very exciting, because it's a moment of truth: is Lee going to prevaricate like Jodie Foster in Panic Room and pretend everything's fine, or is he going to risk a boot to the head by being honest about the task? The Percival edit he's been getting, you already know the answer, wrapped in fifteen gauzy layers of lashon ha-ra vaccination. "Severe lack of...mismanagement. No creative process whatsoever. Aside from giving out duffle bags, no juices flowing at all." Theresa, going all don't you touch my cult leader, busts into it: "Excitement! Motivating the team! And getting the respect of...most of the team, was excellent!" Trump nearly rolls his eyes: "Um, he didn't get the respect of Lee or the Russian." "The Russian"? I don't think so. Theresa launches back into Summer: "She gave up on the team at the time of the phone calls." Which is true. However, Summer's right about her angle on this as well: "I know the restaurant business -- mine runs like a ship." She talks a bit about how you don't call during the dinner hour, which is the hour she last remembers before somebody recharged her and she woke up in the bedroom. Carolyn's on her like a hawk, because good answer or not, she's been outclassed in this game from the beginning. "How many people did you call?" One. "You only called one person." Carolyn makes her scary "case closed" face.

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