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Degradation with a crisp candy shell

But anyway. Trump tells Kevin that he's not happy that he priced the stuff too low. However. "Ivana, you stripped. I'm not hiring a stripper. You made a lot of bad decisions, and frankly, you've lost too much. Ivana, you're fired." Trump thumps the table and then actually fires her with the little finger-gun. And because of, I think, something that tips over from the table-thump, there's actually a bang when he hits her with the finger gun. Couldn't have planned that one better. They all stare at Trump. Finally, they get up and leave. Kevin and Kelly go up, Ivana goes...well, Ivana goes down. Carolyn seems happy with the decision to fire Ivana; George seems somewhat more guarded., George. Can't have the women who take their clothes off. That's just not going to fly.

Ivana gets into her cab. Just another weird, though oddly formidable, candidate gone.

In her taxi interview, Ivana thinks Carolyn was mean about the part where she stripped to her underwear on the street. She goes on to insist that she was still wearing more than Mosaic, and that she's worn less than that to the gym, and that it's like bloomers under a cheerleading skirt, and that it's really no big deal. She also makes the mistake of saying that if she had it to do all over again, she would "shoot for the moon." Yeah. "Moon." She really said it, apparently by accident.

Next week: Interviews! Boardroom fighting! Two more gone! We're sneaking up on the finale, people, so don't lose your ability to fight nausea just yet.

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