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Degradation with a crisp candy shell

Trump also explains that this is the last week in which there are teams, and everybody will be working individually after this point. One of the things that means is that there are no exemptions beyond this point, so this week's winning PM gets nada. Trump bids the teams adieu, and regal music escorts him out.

Trump's black-and-white motto of the week is "Know Your Enemy." It's a shame he doesn't footnote his ex-wives' divorce attorneys for that one, as he probably should. In his limo, Trump is (supposedly) talking to someone on the Disconnected Handset-O-Phone about a particular highly important negotiation of some kind. In the red tie interview whence cometh all of these speeches, Trump tells us that underestimating your opponent is "the worst thing you can do." Besides marrying ugly chicks and building casinos. He says that you should always assume your opponent is really smart. Of course, with most of the candidates this season, this would turn out to be grossly untrue, but it's not like you can tell that in advance. Well, you can, but...wait, I'm sure I had a point. I'll find it somewhere. Anyway, Trump instructs the guy on the phone to "be a hard-ass," and we're mercifully done with that. Every time I hear Trump say the word "ass," some part of me shrivels up like a dried seed pod.

Apex, all casual in its working clothes, shows up at M&M Mars. Kelly recaps the task, sounding surprisingly disgusted and bored by it. It's chocolate, dude; don't be morose. Kevin gets Kelly a pair of candymaking coveralls in the right size, and Kelly reminds us in an interview that they had a fairly limited time at the production facility to actually produce the bars. The members of Apex meet up with some of the M&M staff, as Kevin interviews that he thinks they all expected to see something out of Willy Wonka with the chocolate river and the Oompa-Loompas and so forth. It was not to be. Kevin explains that there were several steps to making the bars, as we see the steps demonstrated for his team. You temper the chocolate, then you put it in molds. Then the molds get vibrated, then you drop the crispy M&Ms on the bars, add another layer of chocolate, and put it back into the coolers. As they work on candy, Kevin calls out to Kelly, "I feel like Lucille Ball." "Only darker," Kelly says back. "Little darker," Kevin chuckles. "Bigger," Kelly adds. "Less feminine," Kevin counters. Heh. Oh, whatever, Kevin didn't look like he cared.

Kevin notices an inefficiency in the way they're doing production, so he goes and talks to the production folks and, with Ivana there and everybody standing around, he asks if a suggestion he has makes sense to everyone. Ivana now offers a prickly interview in which she says that it's nice that Kevin tries to fix problems that he sees, but sometimes he doesn't get her approval. Good grief. Okay, with some things, yes, you should talk to the PM. But just to streamline the way you're doing the candy bars? No. Not every nitpicky thing needs to be approved. I don't think project managers are covered by the divine right of kings.

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