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Degradation with a crisp candy shell

We look on Mosaic, where there is already honking in the background, so apparently, we are to suspect them of ineptitude already. Sandy explains that her relationship with Jen is strictly business. "How can you get personal with Jen?" she says. "I don't think that's even an option. She's like a mannequin. She's just, you know, she's plastic." And Sandy works in a bridal shop -- she knows from mannequins and plastic people, although Jen is a little tall to put on top of a cake. Meanwhile, Carolyn catches up with one of the plant guys and says, "I think they've been working on this for...what, two and a half hours? And you're saying they have about ten bars." The guy agrees. "That's not so good, is it?" she asks. "No," he responds dryly. Now what's suspicious about that, to me, is that the dossier says they only had a four-hour shift to make the bars. I don't know how much "help" they were allowed to get when they got off to a horrible start, but it occurs to me that nobody wanted to see Jen and Sandy wind up with only a handful of bars, which would basically kill the selling part of the task. So what do you do? Well, you offer them some kind of assistance from all the production people standing around. Or at least it seems like maybe you do, because somehow, they made ten bars in the first two and a half hours, and then they made 280 bars in the next hour and a half. Of course, it's possible that they could have suddenly caught on. that the most likely explanation? I'm not sure. Carolyn peeks back into the room.

And there in the room, Sandy and Jen are bickering while a tray of chocolate bars simply falls off the end of the conveyor belt and is ruined. Carolyn continues to watch. Sandy then slips and falls on some chocolate that's on the floor. As Carolyn looks in, another tray comes to the end of the belt, slides off, and hits the floor. She explains in an interview how she watched as these two trays were just sacrificed to the trash bin. "Genius," she says sarcastically. And correctly. And then Sandy examines a tray of seven finished bars, finding that only one of them is usable. Sandy emphasizes that she'd rather take her time and make good chocolate bars, because there's no point in making ones that won't pass inspection. "I can't believe how much care goes into each one of these," Jen gushes to a lady working with her. "I'll never take it for granted again!" But I suspect she will. The Mosaic bars are taken to be inspected. The guys don't seem impressed by the volume, but they do say that the quality is okay. Except for the ones with...fingerprints, which they snap in half. Sandy interviews that seeing some of the bars broken on account of flaws totally broke her heart. They wind up with 290 bars that pass inspection (or so goes the claim, even though there are only 180 marks shown on the sheet, but there could be more, or another page, or whatever).

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