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Degradation with a crisp candy shell

We now head over to Apex, where they go through much of the same rigmarole, and learn that they have 323 good bars. So, a little bit more than 10 percent more than Apex, following whatever miracle caused Apex's bar-per-minute output to improve by a factor of 50 from their first 150 minutes to their last 90 minutes.

The next morning, muted horns play all porny-like as Jen and Sandy prepare to go out and sell their bars. They've got an "M&M Sisters" gimmick worked up, which isn't too bad. They're in denim skirts and red strappy tops and sandals. "We've got to make our hair look the same," Jen is saying. The two of them leave the suite, and they look good. They look fun and cute, and not trashy. They're showing a little cleavage, but nothing you couldn't see in a regular button-down shirt. They're not making a particularly great impression in the van when Sandy self-satisfiedly says, "Buy some candy from the eye candy." Because there's really no need to be quite that impressed with yourself. Calling yourself eye candy is generally a bad idea, especially since aside from the hair and the bod, Sandy is not particularly attractive, in my opinion. And when the driver tries to (it seems to me) joke with them by saying, "Hey, I can be the candy man," they get all grossed out and "whatever," fine, but if you're going to talk about yourself like that, he's not exactly choosing an off-the-wall way to kid around with you. But they stress that they want the win very much. "We're willing to do just about anything...within reason," they say.

Apex. Kelly is yelling to the crowd about the great chocolate bars with M&Ms in them, blah dee blah. They've got the bars priced at one for $2, or two for $3. In other words, they're using normal-level inflated pricing. But when Kevin has a lady almost walk away from him, he offers her a bar for a dollar, and she takes him up on it. Ivana overhears this and looks displeased. She interviews that in fact, Kevin told her, after he had trouble selling the bars early, that he was going to just sell them for whatever price he thought he could get. On the one hand, I agree with her that he should have asked her about something like that before he did it. But on the other hand, it isn't clear why she didn't tell him she was the PM, and she had set the price, and if he didn't like it, he could choose to quit the task, but not to change the price. If you're going to be all Project Manager Cranky-Ass about it, then when he tells you what he's doing, you have to be willing to say no. What good is a manager who just lets you do whatever you want? If I had one of those, I'd be recapping the Vikings-Bears game right now, and I'd be crying, and you'd all be bored. And no one wants that. ["Especially not the football-apathetic manager." -- Sars] All Ivana does, actually, is complain to Kelly about what Kevin's doing, telling him that she's staying at two dollars, and she thinks Kelly should stay at two dollars also. We watch as Kevin continues selling bars for a buck.

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