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Degradation with a crisp candy shell

Meanwhile, Mosaic pulls its van up to a group of ten guys. "There's fifty bucks," Jen says, already counting the money. They walk up to these guys and start asking them to buy the bars. For...five dollars. And the sales pitch is kind of like this: "Pleeeeeease?" And the answer they get is mostly something like this: "Well, okay." Sandy assures us that Jen is "a fantastic salesperson." Sandy goes on to explain that it wasn't like they went "over the top," as they were selling to children and families. Not that they didn't initially target a group of ten guys, because...they did. And I agree that they are certainly not inappropriately dressed or anything. They're dressed to look cute for men, no question, but they're perfectly decent. Is it my favorite thing to see in a task? No. Would I want to see them pull this on every single task? No. Does it particularly keep me up at night? No. Not this brand of it.

Over at Apex, Ivana runs into a middle-aged guy who tells her that he just saw people selling the same bars for five dollars. "Wait, was it working?" she asks, horrified. "Were they able to sell the candy bars for five dollars?" The guy says they were, and tells Ivana about how they were wearing red, they had the van, all that jazz. "Two blondes with high heels on," he says. "I didn't think they were that attractive." Heh. "But they were able to sell them?" Ivana asks. "A couple," the guy tells her. Ivana interviewed that this made her feel "panicked," because she figured that Mosaic could easily beat her if they were really selling each bar for more than twice what she was. Ivana meets up with Kevin and tells him the news. Kevin tells her flatly that they're not going to be able to sell the bars for five dollars. "That's not going to happen," he says. I'm curious about what Kevin thought they should do, because she's obviously right that if they bars are being sold for twice what they're selling them for, they're going to lose whether Jen and Sandy completely sell out or not.

Ivana has another team meeting in which she proposes going into the area where Jen and Sandy are and selling bars for four dollars to take their business away. Kelly points out that they'll still lose if they're selling for four and the girls are selling for five, because they don't have the inventory to beat them on volume. Ivana says no, she's talking about just taking away customers from Jen and Sandy, on the theory that there is a limited supply of people who will buy candy bars for five dollars. So Ivana talks the team into going over to where Sandy and Jen are selling to a couple of guys. As they walk by these guys who are in the process of buying, apparently on impulse and mad at what she sees as the "sex sells" thing happening, Ivana leans in and interrupts the conversation Jen and Sandy are having with the guys and says, "If you guys buy one of our bars, twenty bucks, I'll drop my skirt." But she's already smiling and walking away, so at that point, I don't even think she was serious -- she was more out to annoy Jen and Sandy. Because she is just that mature. It also doesn't exactly look like the prospective buyers are leaping up and down in excitement about seeing her underwear. "She's so obnoxious," Jen says after Ivana is gone.

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