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Lesson Six: Don't Swing When You're Selling

Josh tells him they lost for a "variety of reasons," but that Jenthura was the issue, and also maybe James. Trump calls James a good baseball player, according to the Mets, which brings out the dimples, but then CRUSH KILL DESTROY he's all, "But it didn't do you any good, so who cares!" Ouch. Rebecca offers that the batting cage was the issue, and again Trump fingers James, both for the cage itself and the batting expo he decided to put on. To team protestations that the line was long and interest were high, he responds, "In a way, [it's] worse, because you created something that should have been a winner, and you made it a loser." Bill chimes in that Mark was completely unhelpful, and Mark gives a silly answer about how he "understands" the ball-shooting machine and is some kind of Ball-Shooting Machine Whisperer, to which the answer is, "You, Josh, and James stayed in the diamond the entire time, so which of you is the asshole?"

Carolyn says they were all so preoccupied with the loss-leader clinic aspect that they were worthless, and demands an explanation for the pretzels. Jenthura's worthless explanation -- which is incomprehensible, but involves vendor mishaps, I think -- does not soothe, because, as Marshawn points out, taking time to sell $3 pretzels instead of high-ticket or even worthwhile-ticket merchandise is taking money out of the parents' pockets one bill at a time, and making them rethink the whole "spend a bunch of money" concept at, like, a basic level. Jenthura feels that this still drew people in, and Carolyn snaps that this wasn't the point -- for the first time, this wasn't a promotion task, it was a sales thing. Although, six tasks in, I can see why there's confusion.

Trump asks Jenthura how Josh did as PM, and I think she answers truthfully that everything got derailed at the Page-To-Screen phase when the giant batting cage arrived, but Bill interrupts about how high on herself Jenthura was the entire time about her sales ability. Jen protests, and I get it, that her projections depended on the original concept, which included ideas like not hiding the stuff out of sight and not devoting half the team to showing how hard a grown man can hit a ball, but she already knows she is screwed. ["And based on the footage we saw of her 'selling,' her patter is…not good. She seemed really awkward with people; I don't think she's great off-the-cuff, is the problem." -- Sars] Josh does a nice job of not blaming Jenthura while blaming her entirely -- and a little bit James -- going on and on about how she's supposedly the "Sales Queen" and how she sold nothing. Jenthura bleats that she's a good salesperson if everything is going perfectly, and Marshawn and Rebecca point out that they're not sales people, but still sold more than she did, and Josh is happy for the support. He and Bill agree that Rebecca and Marshawn did really well, in terms of sales.

But Jenthura maintains that the PM was disorganized and screwed it all up, and she's right too, and I don't know what to do. She says she specifically said that the idea of having it be a batting clinic was a bad one, which nobody believes, and Josh calls her a liar, and she repeats that she wasn't in charge of the horrible logistics, just sales, which she was prevented from doing by the dog-and-pony-and-no-merch situation of James batting and batting and batting. She claims to have sold "a handful of bats," and Rebecca intensely stares right into Trump's eyes and shakes her head slowly that this is a huge lie. Josh says that Rebecca -- and Brian and Marshawn in a close second -- sold the most, so they're safe. Carolyn totally says, "Well, at least three of you got the point."

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