Take Me Out To The Boardroom

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Lesson Six: Don't Swing When You're Selling

Getting into the Crazy Taxi, James looks most likely to cry and Jenthura looks most likely to laugh and basically smiles weakly the whole time. I'd laugh too, if I had to share a fake cab with not one but three of my teammates. The music goes all nuts, you know how it does, and the pre-taxi credits roll, and then we are treated to several minutes of priceless, gorgeous, hilarious footage of the four of them staring at the camera, fidgeting slightly, silently staring ahead, not speaking or laughing or doing anything much except thinking, "This is my life. I've already accomplished so much, and here I am having to have this be my NBC legacy: sitting in a fake NYC cab while effing Markus sits up there all fnur fnur and making dumb jokes and being all smooth as silk. This is my life." We cut to the exterior as the sax goes crazy, the car turning around a corner, and just as you think we're done, the music crescendos and we cut to...the interior of the car again, hideously, wonderfully, as they stare and stare and stare, broken and humiliated and utterly without victory. Goodnight, sweet Josh. Goodnight, James, and Mark, and your variously palatable smiles. Goodnight, Jenthura, I'll always love you. Goodnight, sweet Apprenti, goodnight, goodnight. Dude, that was awesome, no?

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