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Lesson Six: Don't Swing When You're Selling

Josh sketches out the idea, which I love: a baseball diamond with stations at all five places -- I dunno who came up with that -- and Marshawn and Josh are in total agreement and work well together, which makes me happy about the future...oh, hell, no it doesn't, because Josh is going home. But in any case I love that they work so well together, because they are the secret bitchers that only talk shit in interviews (or, in Josh's case, once a broom is involved), and with whom I think I've been 100% in agreement with the entire show, in terms of sentiment. James tells us that he is passionate about baseball -- Okay? -- and then calls this idea a "home run," which is charmingly queer, but he's also right, in terms of the actual idea. We'll talk later about execution. They vote on baseball (versus soccer and maybe other stuff we don't know about) and you see Marshawn and Adam very excited, and hear Jenthura give a strident "Aye!" as well.

Everybody works out the construction details, while the fucking brain trust of James, Mark, and Jenthura go back to the suite something. In the shuttle, Jenthura gets all kinds of Markus Fluid on her pretty dark dress about How many radar guns are there? The fellas, who clearly consider her the equivalent of a giant pink cone of cotton candy after you've had five hot dogs with relish, are like, "Um, eight. Why?" She exclaims, "I could sell them all day! I need more than eight!" She's a pretty icky kind of stoned-slash-giggly with them, and it's ugly. They're turning her into what they think she is, which is a Big Dumb Girl, and she's playing it, when she should be counteracting, but instead she's buying into it. "I'm so cute, y'all! I'm fun and cute and look good in a bathing suit! I am such a go-getter!" It's not nice, considering how off it is from the very cool and on-point Jenthura we've seen her be before now. The boys aren't taking her seriously at all, because they've not really ever seen her work, she's on a new team, so she should assume they think she's a big dum-dum until she proves herself.

Instead, she's playing to it, and it's pretty obnoxious because they turn her into that thing everybody said she was, and if she can't handle men, being around them professionally, then all that "mr trump I can totally do this im super cool but krysti is a total bitch LOL" and doing pushups in front of old dudes stuff starts looking pretty different in my head, and it hurts my belief in her and in the progress of feminism in the last ten years and I find myself wondering how many men she had working under her in that staff that loves her so goddamned much, as opposed to girls that would be frightened by her gigantic hair and man-jaw and general charisma and intelligence and all this happens in my head super-fast, and I hate ALL OF IT. I feel gross inside my own head, but it's her doing it.

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