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Task: Pedigree Community Awareness Ad

With eight hours left, Stephen directs some footage of Lennox in the studio, cuddling and playing with a bulldog. Since the dog is a girl, Gene can't even stop himself from flirting with her. Once they get some footage, Piers suggests a location shot at the shelter, which Stephen immediately shoots down on the grounds of time. Instead, he wants an exterior shot out on the sidewalk. Stephen has Gene and Vincent Pastore try to close off foot traffic on the sidewalk, but when that doesn't work right away, Gene takes over and moves everything back inside, to Stephen's irritation. I would be irritated too, if I had assigned Big Pussy to deflect pedestrians and he couldn't pull it off.

Empresario, seven and a half hours to go. Nely is shooting her ad, which appears to feature random people cuddling animals in various faux-domestic settings. Again, Omarosa is staying out of the way, although she defeats the purpose by telling us about it. Nely takes a break from shooting to give some orders to Nadia Comaneci, who is serving the shoot in the capacity of piss-boy. She's not doing so great at it, though, and Nely interviews that she would have fired her in the real world. Meanwhile, Marilu Henner is directing the actors by trying to get them to not act. That's not going well either. If she wanted people to not act, why hire actors? Although given the fact that Hydra has Stephen Baldwin, Marilu's team is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of having non-actors.

Stephen and Gene direct Trace Adkins, who is a wise choice to provide the voice-over for their ad. Dude's got this deep, smooth delivery that's very soothing. He should be a singer. After that's done, the rest of the guys ask if they can see the finished product. Gene's like, nope, everyone out, Stephen and I will be finishing this on our own. Piers is wary of leaving, saying that if things go pear-shaped, Gene and Stephen can always accuse the rest of them of abandoning them. Has Piers played this game before? Oh, right, he has.

With two hours and 20 minutes to go, Empresario is busy in the editing suite. There's some controversy about a close-up of a drooling Saint Bernard, but Nely points out that they don't have time to do anything but plow through. A bigger problem is when the when they go to splice in the conclusion they shot, which is Marilu talking to the camera. Her delivery turns out to be a poor match for the rest of the spot in terms of tone, but since there's no time to reshoot, they decide to scrap it and just record a new Marilu. Omarosa points out that they have two hours to go. Aside from generally staying out of the way, we appear to have just seen Omarosa's entire contribution to this task.

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