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Task: Pedigree Community Awareness Ad

Back in the board room, Trump asks if Nely isn't embarrassed about failing at a task that's totally her day job. Nely admits to being too ambitious, and Ivanka says that's not a very good reason not to fire her. Trump also asks why Carol was brought back, saying Marilu would have been a better choice. Carol's looking pretty calm and confident already, even before Trump tells he she won't be fired, "unless something really crazy happens." Alas, nothing really crazy is going to happen. Nadia speaks up to say they went the wrong direction. Trump gets her to blame Nely explicitly for that. So then Ivanka asks if Carol thinks Nadia could lead. Carol thinks not. Nadia's on the ropes, saying she didn't know what to do, and brings up the missed celebrity angle again. Trump asks about that, and Nely explains about the footage they shot of Marilu not being usable. Which just gets Trump more frustrated all over again that Marilu isn't on the line here. Nadia points out that she said if they lose, it's because they didn't use celebrities. "After we shot," Nely says. Trump agrees that that isn't much help. He again turns the spotlight on Nadia, and asks why he should keep Nadia instead of Nely. He says that Nadia's athletic victories prove that she is a great leader of herself, whatever that means, but that despite all the times he's watched her win competitions, she's fired.

"That was tough," Trump tells his viceroys after the ladies leave. Ivanka agrees, "That was as tough as it gets, but you made the right decision." Ivanka gets a new car.

Nadia climbs into her limo, and tells us that she could have been a good asset. Her charity? Special Olympics International. Which makes me think of any number of jokes, absolutely none of which is usable. Thanks a lump, Nadia.

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