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Task: Selling Hot Dogs

It's the day of, and the teams are getting their carts set up. At Hydra's location, Stephen wants to give a quarterback speech, telling them all to stay together.

Omarosa talks about having all her girls in red caps, white t-shirts, and blue jeans for an all-American theme. They start out at $5.00 each, and when that goes well, they jack it up to $10.00, and Omarosa scores a $20. $100! $200! Things are going better and better. And here comes Trump, accompanied by Mayor Bloomberg. Hizzoner calls himself the "number-one frankophile" in the city before sampling one of Empresario's hot dogs and saying he can't judge until he's tasted the men's. Okay, thanks for stopping by!

With two hours remaining, Hydra is worried about how many hot dogs they have left. Tito and Lennox spar for the folks, which I'm sure is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle for people who care about guys beating each other up. Piers obnoxiously negotiates high prices with passersby, in case Gene's guys don't show up. He's clearly worried by Gene's Zen attitude toward the whole thing.

More from Brian Williams: Obama wins Iowa. This should be an interesting race if those two end up as the nominees.

Back from ads, things seem to be turning around for Hydra with the lunch crowd, as Piers starts getting his hundred-dollar asking price from people. Trump and his entourage arrive, which Piers quickly capitalizes on by hollering their names through his megaphone. Bloomberg samples a HydraDog, but declines to pick a winner. "And that's why you're the mayor of New York," Stephen tools.

At Hydra, Tiffany is failing to impress (or "empres") Omarosa with her lackluster approach to sales. They're worried about the money they've got so far, so Marilu decides to go over Omarosa's head and call her "contact." Seriously, a guy shows up identified by a subtitle as "Marilu's Contact." No, it's not Judd Hirsch. But he does hand Marilu a $5,000 brick of cash for a bottled water. More customers like this come in, and Omarosa, to her credit, gives Marilu props.

And Tito Ortiz's girlfriend Jenna Jameson ("adult film star," as the subtitle helpfully tells us) shows up to give her support, and also to show us on network TV just how far down her throat she can stuff a wiener. Gene greets a nerdy young man, a "contact" who buys a $10,000 hot dog. A few more five-grand buyers come in, but Piers is still worried that Empresario might come through with one big buyer. Piers worries too much.

Jennie hauls New York Mets player David Wright over to Empresario's site. He offers to treat everyone who shows up in the last ten minutes of the task, and he ends up buying them out. Apparently a donation will also follow, but we don't yet know how much.

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