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Task: Selling Hot Dogs

In the Hydra war room, the screen goes dark. But the consensus is that Tiffany is going down. While waiting in the lobby, Omarosa smugs at her victims about how the part coming up is better than what just happened.

When the three Empresario women return to the boardroom, Omarosa makes some noises about how it's easy to be a follower, she takes accountability, looked to her team, blah blah blah. Carol says she stepped up whenever possible, and deferred to Omarosa as the PM. She mentions Omarosa's experience on the show, and Omarosa interrupts to say they've been drawing on her experience all this time. She's an asshole about it, naturally. Trump notices that Tiffany is looking pretty intimidated by all this sniping. She just claims they all worked hard. Ivanka asks if Tiffany undersold, and she dodges the question. Trump reminds Tiffany that while some people were drawing on their contacts, she passed up the chance to call on a great contact, Trump's good buddy Hef. Tiffany says she was waiting for a future task, which, as everyone points out, might not happen for Tiffany now that she's in danger of getting fired. Trump asks Omarosa who she would fire, and Omarosa picks Carol. Because Omarosa can run Tiffany, not that she says that's her reason.

Time for Trump's decision. He's disappointed by Omarosa's performance as PM, by Carol's selection of location, and by Tiffany's failure to call Hef. So Tiffany's fired. After Tiffany leaves, Trump says that the nicest person is going home. "Oftentimes, in business, that's the way it works," he lectures. Way to call everyone still in the room an asshole. Not that I disagree.

Tiffany takes the elevator to the street and gets in a waiting limo. No taxi cabs for these celebrities. Or for Tiffany Whatsherface, for that matter. And as Omarosa and Carol return to their suite, they shake on their pact to leave their disagreements in the boardroom.

In the limo, Tiffany says, "It's incredibly disappointing and frustrating to be the first one 'fiyahed,'" complete with the hand movement. Poor Walter Reed just can't catch a break.

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