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Fighting the Fairway

Back in the boardroom, Trump congratulates Clint and Brandy before sending them back to the suite. They arrive home to a lovely spread and a bottle of champagne. They toast to the competition as Clint interviews that Brandy's beauty, smarts, and education are no match for his "Rocky Balboa spirit." Brandy acknowledges Clint's strengths but says she won't back down. Both competitors predict they'll be getting help from former competitors. Clint tries to suss out who Brandy wants for her team, but she's not falling for that old trick again.

The next day, the Final 2 meet Trump, Don, and Ivanka on the greens of Trump National Golf Club. Ivanka tells them their one team will organize a gala dinner and concert featuring Liza Minnelli. Don says the other will host a VIP golf tournament with Kathy Griffin. Trump brings back the most recently fired Apprenti, who have been divided into two teams, and tells the F2 they can either pick a team or a task. He gives first dibs to Stephanie, who thinks she'll do well at either task with Liza, Stephanie, and Anand by her side. She explains that she didn't want to chance working with Mahsa. Clint is joined by Steuart, Poppy, and Mahsa, who refuses to give Clint a hug because he "is not square with Jesus" after he called her a liar. She promises to put it aside on the task, though.

Since Brandy determined the teams, Clint gets first pick of tasks. He opts for the Liza Minnelli dinner concert. He says he got the team and tasks he wanted, so now he's ready to show Trump that he can handle unusual challenges and knock them out of the park. Bring on the diva histrionics of Liza with a 'Z,' which is how I shall heretofore refer to her so as not to confuse with Apprentice Liza. Speaking of whom, Trump tells Brandy she has a bit of an advantage with Liza on her team. Then he beckons her over to show off the skills she learned on the Kenyan women's golf team. She says she hasn't played golf in a while because she can't afford it, but her powerful swing begs to differ.

Team Clint heads to its conference room to start planning. Steuart immediately steps up, saying he's worked with catering since he was 14. Mahsa offers that she's good with decorations. Clint tells her that's under Steuart's purview and basically pawns her off, which frustrates her.

Elsewhere, Team Brandy starts brainstorming. Brandy admits she's never attended a golf tournament and will, therefore, be relying heavily on her minions, specifically Liza. Stephanie worries that Liza's forgetfulness is going to be problematic but remains hopeful that if Liza can succeed at any task, this would be it. Liza meanwhile looks forward to proving herself as a valuable team member since Brandy doesn't even know the most basic elements of putting on a tournament.

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