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Fighting the Fairway

Liza Minnelli's manager arrives to meet Clint and check out the accommodations for Liza with a 'Z'. He runs down her rider and is very specific about things like her chair height. The manager warns Clint that Liza with a 'Z' is very persnickety about details, and Clint promises nothing will be overlooked.

Team Brandy. Brandy and Stephanie tour the facilities with the golf pros and meet all the people helping them make the tournament row smoothly.

Team Clint. As Poppy runs down the rider, ordering a specific humidifier, Clint takes charge of the event's printed materials, which he adamantly believes need to be as elegant as Liza with a 'Z' herself, not to mention the "white glove service" of the Trump National Golf Course.

Team Brandy composes the shopping list for tournament prizes, which Team Clint will announce during the dinner. Anand thinks a gift card is a better prize than golf gear, which the competitors will already have. When Don visits to check in, Brandy gives a fairly vague description of their progress. Don warns them never to "meet" guests' expectations, but to exceed them. He worries that Team Brandy is a little "loosey-goosey" with their decisions and recognizes putting Liza in a power player position could be a detriment if the team falters. As he leaves, Don throws in a jab: "Anand's going to be there monitoring cheaters, right?"

Team Clint. Steuart outsources the catering for Liza with a 'Z' since the course kitchen is busy with the dinner. Don visits and asks Clint why he chose the task. Clint explains that he wants to do something unexpected, which Don deems a good strategy. He says Clint's tasks will all come down to flawless execution.

Anand and Liza head over to a golfing store with $25,000 to make up the goodie bags. Liza continues to insist on giving golf equipment as prizes, even though Brandy and the other teammates agreed that the golfers in the tournament would probably already have high-end equipment and, therefore, appreciate gift cards more. Anand defers to Liza's experience with some reservations, and they buy the golf sets as well as gift cards. What was that about not playing well with others, Liza?

Back at the course, Steuart goes over the spatial organization of the room and stage. Clint thinks the buffet should be in the other room to ensure all 550 diners have enough space at their tables, but Steuart thinks it will create a bottleneck at the door between the rooms. Clint ultimately goes with Steuart's plan but worries the event will be a disaster since he didn't go with his gut.

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