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Fighting the Fairway

Liza and Anand return to the club to tell which prizes they bought. Stephanie is frustrated that the gift certificates, which were intended to be $1,000 apiece, have been downgraded to $20 in favor of the equipment. She thinks the gear they bought will seem cheap in comparison to what the golfers already own. Brandy is angry that she's been undermined and that Liza and Anand wasted four hours buying things she didn't want, especially since now there's no time to return them.

Just after Clint sends Poppy and Mahsa out to get all the remaining items on the rider, Steuart receives an e-mail that the outside caterer is backing out. It's 6:30 PM, so everyone else is closed for the day. Steuart calls them to try to amend the situation, but the guy won't budge, so Clint tells Steuart to hang up. Clint worries that if Liza with a 'Z' isn't pleased, it could ruin him.

Team Brandy makes a speakerphone call to Kathy Griffin to brainstorm how she can best be used in the tournament. They ask if she can do 15 minutes of golf-related humor -- a scenario that pretty much sounds like a miniature nightmare to me. Kathy thinks 15 minutes is too long for a pre-tournament slot, so they agree to leave it open-ended with some introductory remarks and jokes along the way. Brandy tells Kathy to ask for Stephanie when she arrives at the club. Kathy immediately lights on the fact that Stephanie is a bitter, fired reject, and they all have a good laugh.

Over on Team Clint, Steuart flounders in finding a last-minute caterer. He finally settles on someone, and the guys breathe a big sigh of relief. He says, "In high-stakes situations, you can't let the situation get you." I think that last clause might be a useful motto for all the young ladies who have the misfortune of crossing paths with a certain future has-been from the Jersey Shore.

Team Brandy calls Trump that afternoon to speak with Trump about his preferences for the tournament. He asks to golf with Liza, totally disregarding how much that will sap Brandy's manpower. Even Liza is concerned, but Brandy recognizes that she can't so no to Trump. She resigns herself to having yet one more obstacle to overcome.

The next day, Team Brandy handles the 11th-hour finishing touches on the tournament. After the chance to sleep on it, Brandy puts a positive spin on her predicament, saying that if her team succeeds with one less man it will be that much clearer to Trump that she is the best person to hire. As Brandy gives Stephanie marching orders about coordinating with the photographer, Anand gets a phone call from the photographer, who explains that Brandy didn't tell him the tournament was at the club's Westchester location, and he's at another club two hours away. Anand explains his team thought having shots from the event would be a personal touch for the golfers, but now it looks like that's in jeopardy. The photographer can't promise he'll make it in time, but tells Anand he'll call him back. In the meanwhile, Anand calls Brandy and apprises her of the situation. Stephanie thinks Brandy made a huge mistake and says they don't have time for that kind of screw-up.

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