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Fighting the Fairway

Things also reach a fever pitch for Team Clint when Poppy spots that Liza Minnelli's name is spelled with only one 'n' on Clint's signage. Forget the cold cuts, cowboy, that's a major mistake. Mahsa calls it a fireable offense but doesn't linger in her gloating. Instead, she calls the printer and asks if he can fix the mistake in time for the dinner. While she negotiates the upcharge, Poppy notices that the same typo is on a card that will be placed on all 550 seats. Worrying they won't have enough money to fix these mistakes, Mahsa calls Clint to problem solve. Clint walks up to the office, unaware of the ax dangling above his head.

Next week: Finale! Will Brandy stand tall even though she's been short-changed by Trump? Will Liza with a 'Z' eat Clint for her gala dinner? Who will pull out all the stops? Who will join David Gest in the annals of reality show losers rode hard and put away wet by Liza Minnelli? Who will become The Apprentice?

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