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Back at the suite, Mosaic is thinking about the upcoming Boardroom. Maria self-satisfiedly declares with a big smile that if anyone tries to pin the loss on her, it's going to mean the rest of them were just "sitting on [their] asses." And then she blinks very, very hard. She is incredibly proud of this observation, as she is with every damn thing that comes out of her mouth. "And that's dangerous for you all," she adds, blinking even more. She announces that she'll be "going after Wes." Heh heh. She makes exaggerated hand motions that I think are symptoms of inner panic as she emphasizes that there was "no direction." (Well, other than the direction she ignored.) She also points out that Wes is the only one of them to have led twice and lost twice. Which is true, and bodes ill for Wes. Maria, in her interview, goes so far as to blame the failure to hold to deadlines on Wes. "That is not a Maria problem, that is a leadership problem," she says, even though she was specifically urged, by her leader, to move along, and refused. Amazing. Maria goes on to snot that Wes just doesn't have good leadership skills. She is so smart.

Wes and Andy chat in the bedroom, and Wes says he's "no dummy." He knows that he's probably in trouble, and people are "plotting against [him]." Andy chuckles, because...what can he say? Wes says in an interview that everybody's vulnerable, but...probably him, especially. He tells Andy that he thinks Maria ought to be held to the fire too, though. He interviews that he thinks Maria should be fired, for showing a total lack of leadership abilities. And for all her clothes.

They head to the Boardroom. The elevator doors open, and they go in. Trump appears. Wes, by the way, is wearing a very nice sort of berry-colored tie. Hot. ["I'm saying." -- Sars] Maria, on the other hand, is wearing her black jacket with all the silver rivets. I hate that jacket. She looks like she's ready for a formal evening at Space Camp. Trump asks her immediately about the fact that jeans are meant to show off the body. "In particular, they're supposed to show off the ass," he says. I don't need to see Trump say "ass" a whole lot, but okay. He asks Maria why she didn't promote the ass in the shots. Wes puts in that Maria didn't like the butt shots, because she didn't think they looked quite right. Maria makes that "no-no-no" condescending noise she always makes, and Trump basically tells Wes that Maria may have been wrong, but it was on him as the PM to overrule her on something that basic if she was. Ultimately, the asses are on his head. Or something.

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