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Boyfriend Bill has something else on his mind. "Why the fighting?" he asks. Sandy says that it resulted from her desire to know what was going on and Maria's refusal to allow anyone else to participate in putting together the catalog. Trump gives Sandy some shit about calling Bill "Bill" instead of "Mr. Rancic," but I'm not sure he can possibly be serious, because the contestants have called Carolyn and George by their first names all along, so I'm not sure he's not just giving Sandy lip because he can. Furthermore, Bill looks like he's going to die of embarrassment. It's like when your grandmother makes you play the piano in front of her friends.

Asked whether Maria is talented, Wes says she is, but she "over-promised" and "under-delivered" in this particular case. Andy jumps in to say that he used Maria in the same way as PM, but that she needs to have some boundaries laid down, and Wes never did it. So Andy deftly manages to put some blame on both Wes and Maria while also theoretically relieving either of them of complete responsibility. Maria jumps in about how everyone is talking about her, but she's not getting to talk about herself. And we know how she loves to do that. Trump tells her that nobody cares what she has to say, and she sarcastically agrees. Wes argues that he tried to give her as much direction as possible, and then she leaps back in to say that Wes was "asleep at the wheel." She blames the entire loss on lack of "planning," which is hardly a ringing defense of herself, and Carolyn looks dubious. Carolyn also raises the issue that they didn't all even wear Levi's to the presentation. Maria acts all horrified, and again blames the planning. Well...didn't Andy say they should do something about that, and didn't Maria blow him off? Yeah, that's what I thought I remembered.

Bill's next question is for Andy. He's a nationally ranked debate champion. Why so quiet at the presentation? Trump puts in that he's pretty quiet in the Boardrooms, too. Andy nods, and then he says that when you're in debate, you learn not only when to talk, but when to just listen, and in fact, he thinks that's part of what went wrong on the task -- too much yapping, no actual communication. "Very nice answer," Trump says, and Andy smiles at the table. Oh, Andy. You're like the friend's little brother you always hope will stop being an ass and become cute and charming. Trump offers Wes the opportunity to bring either two people or the whole team to the final table. Having probably heard what happened to Chris last week when he released one person, Wes chooses to bring the entire team to the end, as they all failed together.

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