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Bitchy,'s not an easy choice

We watch as Wes and Maria leave the building together and -- I am totally not kidding -- have to share a cab to loserville. Sandy and Andy return to the suite. Awwwesome. Hee hee.

In their joint exit interview, in which they are crammed into the back seat of a cab (snerk), Wes and Maria both say very little of value. Among other things, Maria spits that "this has been a great experience." Yeah, I can tell. "I would've at least liked my own cab," Wes says. HA HA HA! That was brilliant. Oh, Wes. ["Call me!" -- Sars]

Next week: Post-double-firing fallout. Ivana and Jen hate each other. Pepsi bottle design. How many can we get rid of this time?

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