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That night turns into the next morning. In S5, the phone rings. It rings again. It appears at first that no one is responding. Maybe they all went to work for somebody else. Okay, probably not. Oh, and there's Wes, stumbling toward the phone in his...badly wrinkled, salmon-colored...polo shirt? What? Did he sleep in that? Could he not go shirtless, for Sars's sake? He looks like a rich tenth-grader who fell asleep on his parents' couch while making out with his girlfriend. Rhona tells Wes that Trump will meet them at the Levi's showroom at 39th and Broadway. We skip the preliminaries and the tooth-brushing and the blow-drying and go directly to Levi's, where the candidates are arriving. Inside, headless mannequins in jeans wonder what they're supposed to do if somebody gives them really cute hats for Christmas. And now, climbing out of a limo outside, we see Trump, Carolyn, and Boyfriend Bill, apparently putting in another appearance in a cheap attempt to earn this episode a higher grade. Trump and the Viceroys go inside and meet up with Bald Levi's Guy, who leads them to the room where they'll be meeting with the candidates.

Trump welcomes the group to "Week" 11. He asks Apex if they know who the PM is going to be, and Kevin raises his hand. And for Mosaic, the PM is Wes. Trump points out that due to the repeated losses by Apex, the teams are uneven. So at this point, he's going to send a member of Mosaic to Apex. And the way it's going to be done is that Mosaic will have to choose someone to kick out. Now obviously, no one is going to want to go, because...would you, with the way they keep losing? So Mosaic confers, and it looks like the only method they can come up with is for PM Wes to pick someone. Wes chooses to bump Kelly over to the other team. The only reason I can think of for doing that is that Kelly has the exemption, meaning that Kelly won't be as motivated on the task as other people might be. Because otherwise, why oh why would you not send Maria away? (People suggested that just as a matter of math, getting rid of Kelly increased Wes's chances of not being fired, which would have been true if Wes had gotten to trade Kelly in for a person who didn't have an exemption, but it isn't true this way -- either way, there are four non-exempt people on Mosaic.) Anyway, Kelly does not look happy, but that doesn't bother me so much, because he gets his way entirely too often as it is. Trump congratulates Apex on getting this "very good man" from Mosaic. "We're very happy," Jen says, because she has to speak always, every single time, in the way that draws the most attention to herself.

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